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Blame it on drift between the Cybertronian calendar and the Earth one.

Hi, everyone. Time to start getting ready for the Bar's next big holiday!

Just wanted to let you know that on June 26, 27, and 28- Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of the last week of June- Milliways is going to be celebrating the Cybertronian holiday of Cubefall. (The original holiday fell in May, but players have had RL difficulty with their schedule vs. the calendar.) The plot was first proposed in 2008 by our Optimus Prime-mun of the time and approved by the mods. It's the 2007 live-action movie Transformers' equivalent of New Year-type celebrations, and this is what can be expected:

On Monday the 26th, those who enter the Bar proper will find that the place has broken out in construction toys. All kinds of them- furniture made entirely of Legos, Capsela constructs whizzing stuff back and forth overhead, the walls are suddenly made of moving, functional Erector sets, Tinkertoy light fixtures- you name it. A furnace, safely locked so that it cannot be entered by accident, will have replaced the fireplace. Patrons who approach the Bar Herself will be presented with vidscreens wishing them a good Cubefall and offering them several test reconfigurations- physical forms different from their own, which they can choose to try on for the next three days. These can be nearly anything within reason, like at Halloween, but since the holiday is the Cybertronian celebration of the day that the Allspark came to the lump of lifeless rock that became Cybertron, there will always be at least one robot form among the alternatives. (And because Bar is aware that this may bother the organics, there will also always be one small, fuzzy, adorable creature that is in no way humanoid, like a kitten or a tribble or something. A non-reproducing tribble. Tribble storms are an entirely separate kind of plot thank you very much.)

The form changes are not going to happen to people by surprise, and if someone says no or simply doesn't give an answer when first presented with the option to change, they can ask for their choices back at any point during the duration of the holiday. Cubefall is about choosing new beginnings and deciding upon whether to accept them or not. It's not an involuntary thing. No transformation trauma at all!

At the end of the three days, the vidscreens will appear to people again. Unless deliberately and clearly specified in a moment free of outside interference of any kind, the changes chosen go away at the end of the time period. You have to be sober, awake, in your right mind, etc. for the changed form to stick.

The holiday cannot revive the dead. Once your spark has ceased, it cannot be rekindled. It can change the form of the dead, but they're still dead.

Anything thrown into the furnace during Cubefall will be recycled by Bar into something new and appropriate, and may well count against the thrower's bar tab, since the point of the furnace is to melt down the old and smelt it into the new. Anyone who actually plays with the construction toys and makes changes, whether major or minor, to the area around them will find that he, she, or it experiences a few days of good luck- it's considered an auspicious thing, to make changes at Cubefall.

Illiterate characters get the same vidwindow as everyone else, but their messages are spoken aloud rather than printed. Pregnant characters get the explanatory vidwindow, but do not get offered reconfigurations, as they are in the middle of a systems task not to be interrupted.

Outside is not affected. Bar's ability to provide orders is not affected. People who come into Bar on Tuesday instead of Monday will get the same vidscreens as Monday visitors. People who cannot log in on Wednesday will have their normal forms back the next time they log in, unless they make arrangements in advance to keep the changes. People who don't want to make any reconfigurations to themselves will not get changed, and will not get another vidscreen unless they specifically ask the Bar for one before Wednesday evening.

Oh, and you get one (1) transformation for Cubefall. Whatever form you pick, if you pick a form to change into? You have that form until the holiday is over. No changing back and forth; either change for three days, or don't change at all.

Any questions? Let us know! Thanks!
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Clearly this year is a Cybertronian leap year with an extra month.