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Tuesday DE: Silly rename

You probably know some tumblr or Instagram accounts who used to have a perfectly sensible URL / user name, and all of a sudden, on the spur of the moment, they are something silly that makes sense in the context (of last night's fun, most likely), and they can't change back because some troll snagged the name?

Well, imagine your charrie in possession of a free rename token, in full genre-savvy knowledge of their user name (it being their own journal or other social media account) and being motivated by intoxication, sheer good spirits, a fun night out with good friends, or conversely pure bloody-mindedness and spite: what would they end up being called, purely on the spur of the moment, including the chain of un-reason that leads them there?
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Welp, I have been sitting on this one all day.

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It is partially because she a goddess of last resort, and she will answer prayers when the other gods are too busy, as is often the case, or can't hear, or can't act or won't act. However, her way of response is reminiscent of that Oscar Wilde quote, "When the gods wish to punish us, they answer our prayers." At least, eventually it turns out that way. That was actually a plot point in a bit of recent canon. Nevermind that her Darkest Timeline self will actually answer the prayers of cats.

Of course, she'd be horrified by the name change the morning after.