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Wilford Warfstache ([personal profile] cottoncandypink) wrote in [community profile] ways_back_room 2017-06-14 04:03 pm (UTC)

Right now, Wilford's kitchen has almost literally nothing in it. His cupboards are empty, he's got a small, mis-matched table set from a thrift shop, and only has a microwave because it came with the apartment. Probably a few pots and pans (also from thrift shops), but nothing else.

It's a big shift from what he had before he opened the old save and went back. He enjoys cooking, when he has the time and energy, and his kitchen shows it. Most of the recipes he knows are Korean or Chinese, so there aren't a whole lot of baking gadgets. He does have a pastry board, but he just uses it as an enormous cutting board.

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