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Before I head out for errands since it turns out my family is arriving today not tomorrow I'll answer.

The easy ones who don't really cook because other people do it or they eat out a lot are Sameth, Moist, Will S., Ivan and Charles.

Cassian does like cooking but his kitchen is whatever base he's on which means there are always basic rations, caf and then he tries to hold onto spices and fresh whenever he can to improve everything.

Quentin's kitchen is shared with May and Jazz and Toby, its actually decently stocked with basics but there are always sugary snacks, so much coffee and usually leftover pizza.

William's is more like his mother's and nothing too fancy but he does know how to do some cooking when on the trail, you can make a lot with a coffee pot. Cowboy coffee and chili were things but their food tends to be simple, spices are expensive.

Demeter adores cooking and her shared kitchen with Kore is full of fresh produce from their garden and not a lot of fancy gadgets instead tools that they've had for centuries that do what they need them to.

Tumnus mainly uses the palace kitchens but his home's kitchen is tiny and perfect for baking and making tea.

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