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Wednesday DE: Cooking

 What's in your character's kitchen?
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[personal profile] runningred 2017-06-14 12:21 pm (UTC)(link)
Jay - coffee. More coffee. A back-up stash of coffee. And the makings of at least one simple meal.

Bodhi - He hasn't set his own kitchen up yet but so far; an impressive range of traditional Jedhean spices, a caf machine, and frozen meals he's made while he's been in the bar.

Sinric - the makings of apple tea, dried fruit to snack on, not a lot else. He can cook, enough to survive while travelling but he's happier to let the bar (or other people) do the cooking.
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...I definitely just read that as 'cat machine', and had a moment of very odd images before reality kicked in. :D

(Primarily, I was confused about why the cat machine would be in the kitchen, but also then...y'know. Cat machine.)
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Kittens! Kittens everywhere. Every time you turn it on. More kittens!