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Wednesday DE: Cooking

 What's in your character's kitchen?
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No kitchens: Ahsoka, Selina, Touji, and Danny.

Sabine has access to a ships galley and I think it's pretty standard; caf maker, refrigerator, prep area. I'd imagine foods tend to be processed rations with the occasional fresh items, as available.

Sam keeps a pretty simple kitchen. He's more for simple and classic, and doesn't go for fancy cook wear or gadgets. He's used to making do with what works rather than having specialized equipment. His knives are the exception and are always kept sharp.

Izana has a rice cooker and some other quick cooking gadgets. Not a whole lot as they only need to eat once a week.

Hank doesn't cook yet. IN teh future I can see him picking it up, first as a means to learning how to use his senses, and then as something he finds he enjoys. He'd start with whatever is at hand in the Xavier mansion, learning how to use each as intended, and then adding new gadgets as they hit the market. (I think I might have some new head canon for him.)

The kitchen at the Falconer mansion is pretty par for the course with wealthy mansions. It is run by one person though, so I guess it's smaller compared to others. Chance tends to eat her meals there when her father is busy or out of town and has a close relationship with both the butler and cook. It's just Chance, her father, Lucas, the butler, Hobbs, and the cook/housekeeper, Quince.
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