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Wednesday DE: Cooking

 What's in your character's kitchen?
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Barry - The kitchen in Barry's apartment is teeny tiny and hardly serves his needs these days at all. It has the basic equipment (a couple pots and pans, toaster, dishes, etc.), and he can and does cook on occasion, but mostly he lives off of Big Belly Burgers and trips back home.

The West kitchen, on the other hand, is great, and very homey and usually well stocked even with Barry raiding it.

Matt - Matt has a nice kitchen, always very clean and even though he doesn't spend a lot of time at home there's usually some food in the fridge, fresh fruit on the counter and of course coffee. The thing he stocks most is ice. Lots of ice for after those late nights.

Charlie - Charlie pretty much lives on the road and doesn't have a kitchen. The closest thing would be the back of his truck which he keeps stocked with empty beer bottles and fast food wrappers.

Logan - He doesn't have a kitchen, either. The mansion has one of course, but he has very little to do with it beyond acquiring food there.

Hellboy - No kitchen, his meals are brought to him on large carts in Huge quantities.

Bill - has a very nice country kitchen. It's warm and inviting with sunny windows that have curtains made by his mom and furniture that he bought used and fixed up himself. He has more than the basics as far as cookware goes, even if he doesn't generally use more than the same pan and table setting.

With Kate living with him it's all seen more use and his appliances have gotten an upgrade. The cupboards and fridge have also gone from being stuffed with junk and basic bachelor fair to having healthier staples and things like fresh fruits and veggies. The Folgers is also gone and been replaced by the fresh ground stuff Kate picks up.

Tick - Arthur's apartment has a basic kitchen that he tries to keep organized and tidy. When Tick finds himself in the kitchen it doesn't usually stay that way.