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Wednesday DE: Cooking

 What's in your character's kitchen?
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If memory serves, there's even some canon to back it. In the AHsoka novel, a farming moon is taken over to produce a nutrient that goes into Imperial rations that makes it easier for workers to get more oxygen in zero g, and thus be more productive; which tells me that they really go for the boichem nutrients.
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Yeah, in the Rey portion of the Before the Awakening stories she finds packaged meals in an old wrecked ship, and I think I remember reading on wookieepedia about Stormtroopers drinking nutrient drinks instead of full meals. There could be a lot of variation with quality/whose tastes they're prepared for/etc.
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Having actually looked back at the story now, the packaged meal Rey found was a lot better/more flavorful than anything she'd had before, so I'd say her "portions" are probably something like the absolute cheapest packaged-food option. (The Finn story also has a Stormtrooper meal that isn't packaged but has a similar feel, "hadn't been designed for flavor as much as efficiency")