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Wednesday DE: Cooking

 What's in your character's kitchen?
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Jay - coffee. More coffee. A back-up stash of coffee. And the makings of at least one simple meal.

Bodhi - He hasn't set his own kitchen up yet but so far; an impressive range of traditional Jedhean spices, a caf machine, and frozen meals he's made while he's been in the bar.

Sinric - the makings of apple tea, dried fruit to snack on, not a lot else. He can cook, enough to survive while travelling but he's happier to let the bar (or other people) do the cooking.
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Sunshine: Lots. At least two loaves of self-made bread at all times, generally muffins, too. Eggs, two or three different kinds of cheese, always a variety of fresh vegetables - whatever's in season that she can get for a decent price - a good supply of fresh fruit, generally apples because they're something she can get for cheap nearly year-round, and often blueberries, pears, cherries and oranges in the summer. Strawberries in the spring. Cornmeal, various types of flour, baking ingredients. Loads of spices. A cabinet of teas. No meat.

Yrael - everything and nothing. Milliways' kitchen is his kitchen, and he doesn't cook.
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Sahaal hasn't got a kitchen. He gets everything from Milliways.
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Wraith don't really need kitchens.

Daniel doesn't cook much because he doesn't have time, so I imagine he has some old takeout, plus he's not home much anyway. ATM he's not even in the same galaxy as his kitchen so, nothing. His quarters on Atlantis probably have a kitchen area, but no one has really been able to figure out how to use them, also, there is the mess hall, cause no time.

Depending on when I bring Tegid in he either has no home and therefore eats what he can get a hold of and cook over an open fire, or he eats what the cooking house has made that day.

The Count has a kitchen in his castle. He's actually a pretty good cook, trained really. He just can't use garlic. But for him and his family, they tend to eat some strange things, he likes blood worms, and cockroaches and I think some spiders. I think the only reason he doesn't do most of the cooking himself has a lot to do with being lazy.

Tass.... yeah, he doesn't have a kitchen. He does keep some spices on him though. They make whatever he ends up hunting, or fishing for taste better on the road.

Wil has a small kitchen area in his living quarters, but he doesn't have a ton of time to always cook so he keeps some preserved foods, some bread, cheese, and whatever fruit is in season. For the most part he eats at the Inn in Storelock.

Vala can't cook, and lives at the SGC.

Death also doesn't cook.
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...I definitely just read that as 'cat machine', and had a moment of very odd images before reality kicked in. :D

(Primarily, I was confused about why the cat machine would be in the kitchen, but also then...y'know. Cat machine.)
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Jim always has fantastic kitchens in places he actually lives. Shiny implements! Chrome! Beautiful surfaces! Lots of very expensive wine!

Pretty much no food. He doesn't cook. There are snacks in the fridge - even mostly healthy ones - but he pretty much only goes into the kitchen to make coffee...and even then he usually makes Sherlock get it.

There's a gun in the cutlery drawer, and the knives are useful for more than chopping food.
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Ganymede has a pretty well-stocked kitchen, actually: he eats a lot of different things, and finds it relaxing to make food. Admittedly, really fancy things are not his favorite, because he likes to cook in a reasonable time frame, but he still enjoys it.

Noriko does not have a lot of stuff in her kitchen. That isn't to say she doesn't cook, because sometimes she does, but she's so high-speed that everything around her feels like it's moving through molasses, and that makes the mandatory 'wait until X, Y, or Z' portions of cooking incredibly tedious for her.

Micah...probably has your average kitchen? Meat-heavy, but then for what he is that's not unusual.
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Tess has a very large, beautiful chef's kitchen in the Mansion. She rarely cooks in it herself, but it is stocked with all her favourite foods so that the chefs are always ready to fill an order. Oh, she has her own sundae bar.

Kylo likely eats from the mess on the Finalizer, or has similar food delivered to his room.

Sikozu needs no kitchen. She only eats around once a month and getting all that from bar is so much easier.

Rose has a crappy, small kitchen. It has a lot of canned goods and frozen foods because the poor girl can't cook.
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Right now, Wilford's kitchen has almost literally nothing in it. His cupboards are empty, he's got a small, mis-matched table set from a thrift shop, and only has a microwave because it came with the apartment. Probably a few pots and pans (also from thrift shops), but nothing else.

It's a big shift from what he had before he opened the old save and went back. He enjoys cooking, when he has the time and energy, and his kitchen shows it. Most of the recipes he knows are Korean or Chinese, so there aren't a whole lot of baking gadgets. He does have a pastry board, but he just uses it as an enormous cutting board.
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No kitchens: Ahsoka, Selina, Touji, and Danny.

Sabine has access to a ships galley and I think it's pretty standard; caf maker, refrigerator, prep area. I'd imagine foods tend to be processed rations with the occasional fresh items, as available.

Sam keeps a pretty simple kitchen. He's more for simple and classic, and doesn't go for fancy cook wear or gadgets. He's used to making do with what works rather than having specialized equipment. His knives are the exception and are always kept sharp.

Izana has a rice cooker and some other quick cooking gadgets. Not a whole lot as they only need to eat once a week.

Hank doesn't cook yet. IN teh future I can see him picking it up, first as a means to learning how to use his senses, and then as something he finds he enjoys. He'd start with whatever is at hand in the Xavier mansion, learning how to use each as intended, and then adding new gadgets as they hit the market. (I think I might have some new head canon for him.)

The kitchen at the Falconer mansion is pretty par for the course with wealthy mansions. It is run by one person though, so I guess it's smaller compared to others. Chance tends to eat her meals there when her father is busy or out of town and has a close relationship with both the butler and cook. It's just Chance, her father, Lucas, the butler, Hobbs, and the cook/housekeeper, Quince.
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Barry - The kitchen in Barry's apartment is teeny tiny and hardly serves his needs these days at all. It has the basic equipment (a couple pots and pans, toaster, dishes, etc.), and he can and does cook on occasion, but mostly he lives off of Big Belly Burgers and trips back home.

The West kitchen, on the other hand, is great, and very homey and usually well stocked even with Barry raiding it.

Matt - Matt has a nice kitchen, always very clean and even though he doesn't spend a lot of time at home there's usually some food in the fridge, fresh fruit on the counter and of course coffee. The thing he stocks most is ice. Lots of ice for after those late nights.

Charlie - Charlie pretty much lives on the road and doesn't have a kitchen. The closest thing would be the back of his truck which he keeps stocked with empty beer bottles and fast food wrappers.

Logan - He doesn't have a kitchen, either. The mansion has one of course, but he has very little to do with it beyond acquiring food there.

Hellboy - No kitchen, his meals are brought to him on large carts in Huge quantities.

Bill - has a very nice country kitchen. It's warm and inviting with sunny windows that have curtains made by his mom and furniture that he bought used and fixed up himself. He has more than the basics as far as cookware goes, even if he doesn't generally use more than the same pan and table setting.

With Kate living with him it's all seen more use and his appliances have gotten an upgrade. The cupboards and fridge have also gone from being stuffed with junk and basic bachelor fair to having healthier staples and things like fresh fruits and veggies. The Folgers is also gone and been replaced by the fresh ground stuff Kate picks up.

Tick - Arthur's apartment has a basic kitchen that he tries to keep organized and tidy. When Tick finds himself in the kitchen it doesn't usually stay that way.
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Before I head out for errands since it turns out my family is arriving today not tomorrow I'll answer.

The easy ones who don't really cook because other people do it or they eat out a lot are Sameth, Moist, Will S., Ivan and Charles.

Cassian does like cooking but his kitchen is whatever base he's on which means there are always basic rations, caf and then he tries to hold onto spices and fresh whenever he can to improve everything.

Quentin's kitchen is shared with May and Jazz and Toby, its actually decently stocked with basics but there are always sugary snacks, so much coffee and usually leftover pizza.

William's is more like his mother's and nothing too fancy but he does know how to do some cooking when on the trail, you can make a lot with a coffee pot. Cowboy coffee and chili were things but their food tends to be simple, spices are expensive.

Demeter adores cooking and her shared kitchen with Kore is full of fresh produce from their garden and not a lot of fancy gadgets instead tools that they've had for centuries that do what they need them to.

Tumnus mainly uses the palace kitchens but his home's kitchen is tiny and perfect for baking and making tea.
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Baze used to have a tiny kitchen in a tiny apartment in NiJedha, which he mostly made stews, porridge, and rice balls in. All of his ingredients had to be imported, so there was nothing fresh; all the meats and beans and everything else was dried and dehydrated. He'd have to boil all the water before cooking it, as Jedha's tap water bleeds red, changes to black, and then changes to something approximating clear.

As far as gadgets goes, he had a hot plate, a few secondhand pots and pans and utensils, and a basic, small fridge/freezer combo. Not that he really needed the freezer much.
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Ewwww. That's so grungy. Just like the rest of the game!
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I like to think things've been spiffed up a bit since she moved into the place and got the water treatment plant patched up and started bringing in Brotherhood resources, but yeah, that right there's about as nice as it gets outside of Tenpenny Tower or Rivet City.
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Yamato: This depends on the time! We only really see the Ishida kitchen twice: Once in 02, when the sink is full of dishes and Yamato can't find anything in the fridge that's in date; and once in Tri, when it's meticulously clean and tidy and stocked with everything Yamato might need to cook.

I'm not saying that Yamato was so embarrassed by Takeru's casual mockery of his kitchen that he then turned it into a ridiculously well-stocked, over-organised, always perfectly clean cook's daydream, but I mean, yeah, that's -- yeah.

Eden: Eden doesn't have a kitchen. Please do not give Eden a kitchen.
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I have a headcanon/sort of actual canon that in the Star Wars universe there's a type of general food rations that are cheap, easily stored, and tolerable/nutritional for the widest range of species possible. Few really like it, but pretty much anyone can find it edible and remain healthy living mostly off of it. So it's ideal for people who spend most of their time in space, or live on inhospitable planets beyond the busiest trade routes (e.g., Rey on Jakku).

The Ghost's galley would have a lot of this, given that it's cheap and convenient and requires next to no preparation, and I can't see any of the crew being particularly interested in cooking. When it's possible and they can afford it, they'll also buy fresh food, though this can mean negotiating depending on what crewmembers prefer/are able to digest. (For example, Twi'lek tastes tend to run toward what humans would consider extremely bitter.) There's also a lot of cheap caf. Hera also has a secret stash of goodies like higher-end caf and occasionally alcohol that she digs into from time to time.
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send it to Terrible Real Estate Photos it'll fit right in
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And tea. Not much tea, and sometimes nasty tea, but. Tea.
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Yeah, like that Force-awful Tarine stuff. Who drinks that stuff, honestly? No sapir, unfortunately.

Good thing they're in Milliways now.
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I totally support this headcanon!
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If memory serves, there's even some canon to back it. In the AHsoka novel, a farming moon is taken over to produce a nutrient that goes into Imperial rations that makes it easier for workers to get more oxygen in zero g, and thus be more productive; which tells me that they really go for the boichem nutrients.
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Experiments! Eyeballs in microwaves! Severed heads in the fridge! A bag of thumbs! Lots of tea!

That's at Baker Street, anyway. In any place Sherlock shares with Jim, they have an agreement of No Experiments, which means Sherlock sometimes makes actual, very simple, food.

Millicanon says Steve is learning to cook. He loves the food channel--so much variety nowadays, so many types of cuisines--and he likes to make sure the people he cares about are nourished. Plus with his ridiculous metabolism he needs to eat frequently, and sometimes it's simpler just to do it himself instead of order half the menu in a restaurant.
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This makes so much sense. I've used some of this and that there are different quality rations that come in lots of awful textures too.
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heh, we have artifacts in a freezer in the museum, this includes faunal artifacts too.
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Yeah, in the Rey portion of the Before the Awakening stories she finds packaged meals in an old wrecked ship, and I think I remember reading on wookieepedia about Stormtroopers drinking nutrient drinks instead of full meals. There could be a lot of variation with quality/whose tastes they're prepared for/etc.
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Kittens! Kittens everywhere. Every time you turn it on. More kittens!
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Having actually looked back at the story now, the packaged meal Rey found was a lot better/more flavorful than anything she'd had before, so I'd say her "portions" are probably something like the absolute cheapest packaged-food option. (The Finn story also has a Stormtrooper meal that isn't packaged but has a similar feel, "hadn't been designed for flavor as much as efficiency")