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Shout outs

This is a heads up that starting tonight I have family visiting until I think Monday or Tuesday, which means all my threads will be slower. This mainly covers Cassian Andor and Quentin.

Loki has a skiff.

Bernard Black arrives and has the perfect username.

Lots of strange intersections happen during Baze and Chirrut's latest EP.

Now share what you're enjoying and have finished on this far too hot week.
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Aww, thanks for the shout out! We had a lot of fun during that EP, though we're in slows now.

Edited to add: The Pearl-Feuilly thread gives me liiiiife.
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There is always curry. lol. And yeah, I am really lazy today, not switching accounts. Sorry, that Daniel gets super excited and stops pausing between words. Also, the reason I decided on curry was because that's what I was cooking at the time.
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Thanks for the shout out and to everyone who has threaded so far!