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Steven would be all OVER that, at this point. He loves stories, and he's got tons of questions about his world and his family history, and not a super intense idea of how the universe works on a cosmic level yet anyway.

And it would be very very bad for him to be canon punctured, and I intend to not let it happen. He's a kid, and already too concerned with fitting the role he thinks is expected of him; he doesn't need his own supposed story all laid out for him.

Gringoire sort of accepts the idea that Someone Somewhere has Written All Things etc; he's not very devout, but he's got enough running background acceptance of his idea of religion that the idea wouldn't seem new to him. He would be very noncommital about the idea of reading his own story, though he might well give it a spite-read if he learned he wasn't the central figure of it. The Nerve. (and past that point...would Depend on a lot.)

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