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Thursday DE

Today's DE comes from a suggestion by [personal profile] i_am_your_host--thank you!

What would your pups would think of their own canon and how would they deal with canon-puncturing if they haven't been punctured already?
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Jim would love his canon. He loved it when he lived it, and he would be soooo amused to watch the stuff that happened after his death.

As for canon-puncturing - he mostly was from the first time he came here, because he worked it out really fast. Like, as soon as he met someone here he knew as fictional, it logically followed that he must be fictional to someone else. It doesn't bother him in the slightest. Quite the opposite, he finds it fascinating. He fully intends to read the original canon at some point, and will be most gratified to find that he's better-looking that ACD's Moriarty.

I should add that he doesn't think of himself as a fictional creation, per say. (Other than being his own creation, obviously - he practically made himself into a cartoon villain just for the fun of it.) He's had a life, he's lived a life, he didn't spring into the ether fully-formed. Therefore, he's real and his life is real. It just happens to be a story to someone else, and that's A-OK with him.