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Thursday DE

Today's DE comes from a suggestion by [personal profile] i_am_your_host--thank you!

What would your pups would think of their own canon and how would they deal with canon-puncturing if they haven't been punctured already?
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Noriko has not been punctured!

I hope to keep her that way, because while she can understand that the universe has multiple branches and everyone has their own stories and terms for what is and isn't realistic, Noriko can't help but wonder what exactly is wrong with someone who thinks her story is a fun read. aware that he's thought of as fictional, has encountered this in most of his life. He's fine with it.

Micah would laugh and just shake his head. The notions of 'it won't happen to me' were so concrete in his case that it almost amounted to fictional belief. So while he's not gonna get bent out of shape he's also not going to embrace it a whole lot.