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Thursday DE

Today's DE comes from a suggestion by [personal profile] i_am_your_host--thank you!

What would your pups would think of their own canon and how would they deal with canon-puncturing if they haven't been punctured already?
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[personal profile] just_cant_lose 2017-06-15 11:57 am (UTC)(link)
Jim would love his canon. He loved it when he lived it, and he would be soooo amused to watch the stuff that happened after his death.

As for canon-puncturing - he mostly was from the first time he came here, because he worked it out really fast. Like, as soon as he met someone here he knew as fictional, it logically followed that he must be fictional to someone else. It doesn't bother him in the slightest. Quite the opposite, he finds it fascinating. He fully intends to read the original canon at some point, and will be most gratified to find that he's better-looking that ACD's Moriarty.

I should add that he doesn't think of himself as a fictional creation, per say. (Other than being his own creation, obviously - he practically made himself into a cartoon villain just for the fun of it.) He's had a life, he's lived a life, he didn't spring into the ether fully-formed. Therefore, he's real and his life is real. It just happens to be a story to someone else, and that's A-OK with him.
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Swamp Thing would probably object to the mess that his canon has become over the years. Or is that me objecting to the inconsistent portrayal of the character and the messy, messy history? (That Batman story from last month did not happen.) I think he would take being canon punctured in stride, seeing as there is a multiverse and as words and ideas have lives of their own.

Poirot would most likely love most of the TV series. He would be fine with the books narrated by Hastings. And he would probably prefer Ariadne Oliver's prose to that of Agatha Christie. I think he would regard canon-puncturing as merely Hastings's memoirs.

Cyborg would be relieved that there is an accurate version of his life in the form of the old Teen Titans cartoon, since the current one gets everything wrong! And he would be really confused by the idea that he's fictional.
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Ahsoka would love watching herself and Anakin fighting. (I think she might cringe to her her younger self talk though.) I don't think she'd take well to canon punching and would likely lash out, at least verbally.

Sabine seems like she'd love her canon, although might grump at how the story follows Ezra more than her. I think she'd take canon punching in stride, especially after having been in Milliways for a bit. (And she'd so be taking notes on Imperial activities.)

I'll have to see if anyone else speaks up.
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Wilford hasn't quite put two and two together yet, but I think it's because he refuses. He knows that Endermen are fictional to other people, and that there's even a game involving them, and he gets really irritated when people compare his world to a game, but he hasn't quite made that final leap to putting those two pieces together.
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Yamato would take fairly poorly to it, not least because the idea of there being an audience to his life is a pretty awful one for him.

For Hawke, it wouldn't be a problem, because Dragon Age II isn't his life -- it's Varric's retelling of his life, which isn't really the same thing.

Eden doesn't have the capacity to feel one way or another about it, but assuming he did, he'd be fine with finding out that there were films about the Disney worlds he goes to (why should he care, after all?) and perhaps less fine but not hugely concerned by finding out that there's a game about him.
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Tess sort of already has an idea and she doesn't much care. She knows other people in bar as "fictional" but they're still real people so it's not something she dwells on.

Kylo would likely not take it well.

Sikozu would find it interesting.

Rose would be horrified - HORRIFIED - that other people could read about her life.
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[personal profile] electro_kinetic 2017-06-15 04:39 pm (UTC)(link)
Noriko has not been punctured!

I hope to keep her that way, because while she can understand that the universe has multiple branches and everyone has their own stories and terms for what is and isn't realistic, Noriko can't help but wonder what exactly is wrong with someone who thinks her story is a fun read. aware that he's thought of as fictional, has encountered this in most of his life. He's fine with it.

Micah would laugh and just shake his head. The notions of 'it won't happen to me' were so concrete in his case that it almost amounted to fictional belief. So while he's not gonna get bent out of shape he's also not going to embrace it a whole lot.
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[personal profile] exiled_heir_of_the_eighth 2017-06-15 06:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Sahaal would probably be driven into a deep depression, because of the realisation that everything he ever did and all the atrocities he committed were for the entertainment of some faraway universe. As well as this, he's a fairly minor player in his home universe, so any canon-puncturing would almost certainly reveal a lot of the details he doesn't know about. Those would probably drive him over the edge.
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As stated in a previous DE, Baze would love his own canon--except for the prequels. He'd skip the ending of his own movie--he does not need to see Chirrut die again, thank you very much--and throw popcorn at the screen in the Yoda scenes in ESB and RotJ.

He would not love being canon punctured for the same reason as Yamato: Baze would very uncomfortable with an audience watching his and Chirrut's life.
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Emcee would definitely enjoy the Liza Minnelli version of his existence! And I think he would appreciate that the legacy of the Kit Kat Klub lives on in literature, film, and theater. It's the best kind of validation. And maybe also a lesson to the world. Since he's only a supporting character and not a lead, his whole story isn't told, but he actually prefers being portrayed as a symbol or narrative tool. So he's okay with that. He hasn't been canon punctured yet, but he is vaguely aware of Christopher Isherwood and his "Berlin Stories," and that a film and stage show were based on the goings-on at the Klub.

Pam would watch "True Blood" the same way I would, by skipping over the parts that don't involve her and Eric. She might be a little uncomfortable with seeing her emotional outbursts and knowing people have been watching, but she'd deny it ever happened. (But she'd totally be sobbing watching the scene with Eric and Godric on the rooftop. Shhhh.)

I imagine that Floki, Ragnar, and Athelstan watching "Vikings" together would be THE MOST SEVERELY AWKWARD THING so let's not do that.
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Jay explains it away as World as Myth. He's literally alive as a result of Multiverse weirdness so he's happy to roll with it. Just as long as he never finds out people voted on killing him.

Bodhi, don't know. He might freak out. He might be fine. I kinda think he'd see the original trilogy as a documentary.

Sinric would be fine with it. Strangely fine. He can accept a lot.
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Steven would be all OVER that, at this point. He loves stories, and he's got tons of questions about his world and his family history, and not a super intense idea of how the universe works on a cosmic level yet anyway.

And it would be very very bad for him to be canon punctured, and I intend to not let it happen. He's a kid, and already too concerned with fitting the role he thinks is expected of him; he doesn't need his own supposed story all laid out for him.

Gringoire sort of accepts the idea that Someone Somewhere has Written All Things etc; he's not very devout, but he's got enough running background acceptance of his idea of religion that the idea wouldn't seem new to him. He would be very noncommital about the idea of reading his own story, though he might well give it a spite-read if he learned he wasn't the central figure of it. The Nerve. (and past that point...would Depend on a lot.)