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Yamato Ishida ([personal profile] angry_friendship_wolf) wrote in [community profile] ways_back_room 2017-06-16 01:12 pm (UTC)

Yamato and Gabumon: The Analog World is basically our world (and a pretty critical take on our world, at that), so it's Logic 1 and Wicked 1. The Digital World is, like, Nonsense 2.2 (has very few clear rules but follows a sort of internal logic, very pliable but not constantly changing) and usually Virtue/Wicked 0. The Dark Ocean is Nonsense 2.5 and Wicked 3, being an actively malevolent and possibly sapient Lovecraft world.

Hawke: Like Lee said, Logic 1 or 2, Wicked 2 or 3 -- where exactly it falls on that spectrum probably hinges on what we learn about it in the next few games.

Eden: The Kingdom Hearts universe as a whole is Nonsense 1, Virtue 1 (maybe Virtue 2 on a good day). Daybreak Town itself is Nonsense/Logic 0 at the start but creeps higher and higher up the Nonsense scale as Chi's story goes on, and Virtue/Wicked 0 at the start and becomes steadily more Wicked as the story goes on. (Insert joke about how Kingdom Hearts Nonsense/Logic 0 is probably the title of the next remaster.)

Sherral: Ivalice is very firmly Logic 1, and until recently was also firmly Wicked 2 -- it's now dropped to something like Wicked 1.5.

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