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Star Wars (Ahsoka and Sabine): As much as my HS Physics brain wants to scream Nonsense since Space and Physics don't work that way, I'll agree with Lee on this one. SW ignores physics for the rule of cool, but they are consistent with it and the reality isn't pliable. Definitely agree on the Wicked assessment as well. So my vote is Logic-1, Wicked-1 or 2 depending on where you are in the society. This is for both Clone Wars era and Empire era.

Tokyo Ravens (Ato Touji): Nonsense-1.5 maybe? Onmyo magic can do some amazing things, and it's prevalent enough they teach it in schools, and yet the world is similar to ours. Wicked-1. Yes, spiritual disasters are a thing, but they aren't that much different than a gas main exploding or other tragedy.

Knights of Sidonia (Shinatose Izana): Logic-1 (Although I am tempted to vote Nonsense-1 since the Gauna change so much.) Wicked-2. The humans have an active disaster chasing them, and there is shady stuff happening behind the scenes by those in power that I haven't shown since Izana has no exposure to it.

MCU (Sam Wilson): I'm going to vote Nonsense-1 because of the Infinity stones. Wicked-1 with people trying to make it Wicked-2.

Netflix Marvel (Danny Rand): Logic-1, although I could see an argument for Nonsense-1 with somethings being hinted at (see Elektra in the Defenders trailer). Wicked-1 with people trying their hardest to make it Wicked-2.

X-Men CU (Hank McCoy): Another I'm calling Nonsense-1 because of mutants like Apocalypse and Jean Gray. Wicked-1.5 if you are a mutant, 2 if you are from the Days of Future Past timeline.

Gotham (Selina Kyle): Logic-1, although it really seems to be aiming for Nonsense-1 in season 2 &3. Wicked-2, leaning towards 1 on a good day; I mean, come on, it's Gotham.

Leave It To Chance
(Chance Falconer): Nonsense-1, Wicked-1. Magic exists and can change things with the right spell and effort, but spells that potent aren't common and take a lot of effort.

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