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Ooh, interesting! That chart is very tempting to print...

The Steven Universe/Crystal Gem 'Verse/ Whatever is a pretty solid 2 on the logic front-- pretty much exactly like ours, pretty much everything can be explained, even if the explanation isn't known yet--but I'm not quite sure about Morality Axis. Earth at least seems to be a notch kinder and gentler than our own world, but Gem Society is definitely a Wicked2 if not a W3. Still, the narrative force is all on the side of kindness, forgiveness and the Power of Friendship, and that's probably the deciding factor; overall probably a Virtue 1 universe, though a determined dictator can fight that for a while...

Gringoire's Paris is Dark Gothic Paris; there's definitely a reason everything happens, Fate is real (Logic 3, I guess) and the reason things happen is usually is Fate Hates You. Kiiind of a crapsack world, what with the wars and the guiding Cosmic Force being a jerk--Wicked 2, probably.

Joly and Bahorel come from a world that , depending on how you look at it,is either just "ours, but the 19th century (Logic 2,Virtue/Wickedness...highly debatable)", but the narrative is pretty insistent on Divine Forces Behind Everything, so... Logic 3? And probably still kind of a crapsack Wicked 2 world, but with an emphatic promise that things can and (because of Divine Will) must improve, though it will require enormous amounts of work and possibly you and all your best friends dying on a furniture wall.

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