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Monday DE

Subbing in while our usual Monday poster does some Real Life:

Go on, boast a little, what’s a bit of RP that sticks in your memory as a character highlight? And throw around some compliments, too--what are some plot arcs or character moments that you loved in someone else's RP?
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Cassidy is kind of too new for highlights yet, but he's already struck up a bromance with Cassian, which was a complete surprise, and Cassian is the only person here so far who knows he's a vampire. Telling someone is a pretty big deal for him, so it's good to get that off his chest with someone he trusts won't condemn him.

And with a new pup, throwing them into the mix while figuring out their voice is always fun and unexpected, so thank you to everyone who's put up with this wackjob so far, you've all been awesome. I tend to second guess with new pups, but sometimes they do take over, and there's nothing you can do but have them say what they're going to say. So if I were to open a file named Cassidy, I Can't Believe You Just Said That, I give you two things he said while in a conversation with Father Harman:

"I know opinions are like arseholes, you don't hafta pull your pants down an' show it but sometimes you can't help it."

"I can either spend my Sunday enjoying a sermon about Jesus doin' unto others as he would have 'em do unto him, or, I could snort a line of cocaine off a girl's thigh in the wedding suite of a whorehouse, but you can do that, too, if you wanted!"

I have no idea where these came from but I made myself laugh.

(PS: ill be out most of the day, so I'll be catching up with tags later this evening.)
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Ha, I've been loving Cassidy. Thanks for letting me toss William in at him! (William is now dutifully conducting research into cat videos and porn.)
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I love Cassidy and Cassian too and I think Cassidy is one of only three or so people that Cassian's told that he's in Intelligence for some of the same reasons. I look forward to more of them.
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I don't know that i have much to toot my horn about, but I am highly amused that X won Danny over by providing a comfy place in the sun for meditation and even offered snacks! Danny will bend over backwards now to stay out of trouble for this.
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but if you stay in trouble you can have even more meditation and snacks
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(Being completely clueless as to the identity of the speaker; he doesn't even know about the events in NY or London yet.)

Hrmmm, you make a very good point. And, in a way, I'd be helping X by giving her something to do! Dealing with argumentative patrons must be stressful, so giving her time to meditate is another good thing.

(If Danny were a Tarot card, he'd be the Fool.)
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*thumbs up*

(and to be fair loki doesn't know about the events in NY or London yet)
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Baze is a relatively new pup, so I don't have many highlights for him yet. But everything Chirrut-mun does is awesome. They have nailed Chirrut's irreverent humor and never use sighted language. I am honored to thread with them.

Ibani-mun is equally awesome! She strikes the perfect balance between snark and grief, and it is always a pleasure to get a tag from her.
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Baze and Chirrut (Birrut? Chaze? okay let's not) are a wonderful duo. Definitely can't have one without the other and you as muns write together so well. My favorite moments are when they get into trouble!
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Aww, thank you! They really do get into trouble a lot, don't they?

And I love your pups! They're all so varied and interesting, and you really have a handle on writing them! I don't know how you juggle so many very different voices. I'm looking forward to future threads.
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Thank you so much! :-D I adore your Baze and Chirrut-mun's Chirrut too! I eagerly anticipate their tags.