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Wednesday DE: More ouch!

 What is medicine like in your character's world, and what is their attitude to it and its practitioners?
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Lesgle thinks one medical practitioner in particular is super cute and brilliant and basically flawless.
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Medicine for both Cyborg and Swamp Thing is like ours with a few more weird diseases and weird cures. After all, in real life Cyborg would probably be dead or wheelchair bound at best. But overall, Amazo Viruses and the like aside, it's the same as we have since I think DC Comics would have a hard time giving readers a world where its super-tech has cured cancer and AIDS. That said, it's not like Cy or Alec go to the doctor anymore.

Poirot, on the other hand, was from the days before antibiotics, though at least there was medication for his heart disease late in his life. By his standards, the advances in medicine between his birth and death were astonishing and impressive. And for the most part he respects and admires doctors. But at the same time, he is a somewhat difficult patient, often ignoring advice and self-diagnosing. And he's met enough doctors who use their knowledge as a path to murder that he does not lionize them in general.
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Fairy Fixit and Amascut both come from an online MMO whose developers can't decide whether to admonish fans that pay attention to lore for confusing gameplay mechanics for canon lore or playing the absurdity of game mechanics for laughs in the lore. So of course, the game follows the familiar eat food to recover hit points ("oh, head injury from fighting trolls? Nothing a rabbit sandwich and a nice cuppa tea can't fix!") but in certain minigames there are actual bandages instead of food. And there are actual doctors and nurses and surgeons in game, some of who actually have degrees from this or that college. And herblore is an actual skill in game, so there is the beginnings of phamaceutics manufacturing there.

There seem to be injuries and diseases that can't be solved by eating a whole damn shark. Diseases that drain stats other than hp, poisons, and prosthetics are a thing. But game mechanics and magic makes the subject of medicine a big mess.

And then there are actual demonic possessions and mind control magic so that doesn't help the development of the science of psychology at all.

Fairy Fixit got her degree in engineering from a school that also trains doctors, so she has respect for them. The degreed ones anyhow. Amascut couldn't care less about medicine.
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There's a fic I rather like that I need to find the link to again that has the headcanon I've pretty much accepted for SW-verse = that bacta is plentiful enough and wide-spread enough on most worlds (discounting those that are so off the beaten track to practically be separated from the universe) that the art and skill of actual medical practice has taken a bit of a nose-dive. Got a scrape? Bacta. Shot by a blaster? Bacta? Had your arm torn off? So much bacta.

Of course, there's still proper doctors - those that know and care about times surgery is needed and how to manage with other medications (in this fic the person in question is a vet because you try putting a bantha in bacta, let's see how well that goes). I figure the less reliable core-wards supplies are in a place, the better in general the non-bacta medical ability becomes. So we've kinda headcanoned that while the temple had bacta, unless you really needed it you could heal the 'old-fashioned' way.


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Oh, that's a neat idea.
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I really like that idea and fits with my own about different cells in the Rebellion don't always have the best access to bacta. And so you have times of going who's hurt the worst and they get the most bacta which leads to someone like Cassian who works on his own having more scars.
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Baze-mun found the fic for me: A Pile of Bones by Not_So_Secretly_A_Starship. It's jargon-heavy, but absolutely awesome.