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Monday DE

Subbing in again!

Has your character ever been stuck with a job or a task that they were really, really not suited for? How did it go? Was it a long-term thing, the whole premise of the character, or just a one-off WHY DID YOU ASK ME TO BABYSIT?!?! situation? .....Did they survive?
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The closest Jim has got to this is looking after Buster, because wow is he ever unsuited to looking after something that makes a mess, throws up and gets hair over everything. It's going...okay, just because it'll only upset Sherlock if it goes any other way. He can endure, because he knows it's not forever.

It does make me wonder what might happen if Jim is ever left in charge of Rosie in future. The daughter of John Watson, and the woman who shot Sherlock? Ahahahaha. >.>
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Pam was forced to make a vampire.

>:( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's how it went.
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I also have a feeling Pam and Eric weren't the best video store people.
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Every person who didn't rewind immediately went on a shit list.
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Canon doesn't go at all into how the hell William Douglas managed as a diplomat in Rome, so I'm having fun with that interlude. The historical William Douglas was there for the Jubilee, but this guy is theoretically supposed to be representing the king. In some capacity.

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Alistair never wanted to be king. Alistair does not have the temperament to be king. In gameplay, he's much happier if you let him stay a Warden (certain events and/or choices in Inquisition aside. um.); he would have gladly traipsed around Ferelden killing darkspawn for the rest of his short life if he could.

But the thing is? He's also adaptable, and a much more capable leader than he believes himself to be. He's never going to be 100% comfortable or happy as king -- if he had to abdicate the throne tomorrow, he'd throw a party, chuck the crown off a mountaintop, and yell PEACE OUT MOTHERFUCKERS as he sprinted from the palace -- but he gets his shit together and pulls it off. Somebody's gotta do it. If that someone has to be him, then he'll make sure it gets done.
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X is asked to babysit the Future Foundation kids in canon one time! They create a time machine, a different sort of portal that lets a dragon in, and then get kidnapped by the Collector! Which oddly enough turns it from something she's like ????? to something she is infinitely suited for. X in Milliways is defs a good babysitter, but in canon she is . . . . probably not. My god. Also in canon she was asked to join X-Force again, the behind-the-scenes murder-team of the X-men, which she was a) infinitely well suited for but b) was bad and unhealthy for her and fucked her up a bit more. Do not lean on the teenagers to be secret murderers, dudes. No.

Ysalwen is not actually suited for being in the spotlight very much, she hates it. But through canon she learns to be good at it, or at least to deal well with it, but she's been ever-so-glad to at least get to put down the Arl bit. It's odd, because the spotlight made her safer, which she appreciates, but it's just so -- she hates being stared at. It's a Thing.

Wonder Woman worked at a taco stand one time, and was pretty bad at it. Mostly because, I think, she kept wanting to talk to the patrons and during lunch rush there is absolutely no time for that. So many reprimands.

Thrawn had to navigate Imperial politics a lot in order to keep his career advancing. He is SO BAD AT IT. So bad. Terrible. Abysmal. He survived only because Pryce wanted to be Governor and his military stuff could help her do that, so she quid-pro-quo'ed him into Grand Admiral. Plus one intelligence officer who later became a general was on the side of his skills. Without that . . . he would have been sunk so many times.
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Being a Jedi. No, really. Though he is effective at it, he also doesn't do so great inside at being a Sith. Competent mental healthcare and anger management would be so much more useful.

How did it go? Was it a base premise?

Excuse me, laughter of despair in a corner.

Arguably he does not survive getting shoved into various things.

Will do the rest of mine later.
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sometimes people need loki to fix problems
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[personal profile] merryeccentricities 2017-07-17 07:00 pm (UTC)(link) creating new and exciting and worse problems?
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well if they didn't want any problems they wouldn't have talked to loki in the first place
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Ahsoka had to pretend to be a slave once, for an undercover mission. She was not good at it and ended up in a cage, pretending to be captured but defiant, which she managed better.

She also babysat a group of younglings while they built their first lightsabers. All was going well under pirates...damnit Hondo. Still all turned out well, the kids proved they had Jedi mettle, Ahsoka proved her skills had improved by fighting General Grievous to a stand still, and the pirate had a change of heart and rescued them all.
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It's my headcanon that Sherlock in his younger days had a string of service-area jobs that he was terrible at, like dumping food on a rude customer while working as a waiter, that sort of thing. You only invent a job when everything else you tried just doesn't suit you.

As for Steve... the Spiderman: Homecoming PSAs :). I'll say no more.
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Jim laughs so hard he ever even tried other jobs. :D
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Good question! Baze didn't think that he was suited to teaching martial arts to the temple's acolytes, but apparently he was! I'm sure there was also a bit of babysitting of the orphans from the Guardians of the Whills book, at which he probably panicked and flailed and eventually sat down to watch these scrawny kids so their usual guardians could take a damn break.
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Yamato briefly works in indentured servitude for a restaurant in 01, along with Jyou. Canon doesn't delve much into how he was with customers, just that he was getting gradually more agitated, but it's fair to say he was probably brawling with customers regularly and over the tiniest thing. Then he tries to escape, and the manager tries to kill him and Jyou, and Yamato and Gabumon kill him instead.

There's probably a moral there somewhere, about, like, maybe not using child slavery at your restaurant, and how that can end badly.

Eden, meanwhile, is arguably in a job he's not suited for right now.
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Sahaal's pulled duties in his Legion, such as setting up sentry guns and doing armoury inventory, that probably count. He's a Raptor, he can't abide doing something repetitive and menial.