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Tuesday DE

With thanks to [personal profile] angry_friendship_wolf for wording:

Does the culture (or subculture) your character is a part of influence their actions, and how?
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Ahsoka: Definitely. The tenets (dogma?) of the Jedi Order defines a lot of how she interacts with the galaxy, from how people view her to how she tempers her impulses to be more Jedi-like. ETA: She also likely is used to the idea that she represents an organization, and so assumes her words will have more power than those of another 14 year old. In fact, I doubt she even sees herself as a 14 yo. She's a padawan, not a youngling.

Sabine: And yes. As much as she's basically living in exile, she wears her Mandalorian pride on her sleeve. At the same time though, she's made it her own rather than blindly following tradition. See how she paints her armor in bright colors compared to other Mandalorians. As much as she loves color and art, she will flock to any weapon or weapons system.

Sam: He still structures his life in a military fashion, I believe. Maintaining a fairly tight schedule, keeping his house or hotel room in order, making his bed every morning (forget bouncing a quarter on his bed, you can bounce a half dollar), etc.

Selina sees herself as separate or outside of society, but she's still a part of Gotham and street culture. She will judge you on how wealthy you seem and likely base that on how much she can trust you.

More later maybe.
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Adding a bit from a pup journal...
Danny comes from a rich, white male dominated culture and was one of the privileged. This definitely effected how he views the world and how he took the teachings offered him at K'un Lun. I feel like he got a lot of things wrong, assuming he understood them without really listening. Had he stayed in K'un Lun, these errors in understanding would've been corrected but, alas, he ran. Now he'll have to learn them on his own and from anyone who's willing to show him the errors of his ways.

Touji, I feel, is a victim of his culture. Before he got the oni curse, he was a delinquent youth who was the kind of guy the police warned you smoking would turn you into. He knows this attitude is why he was vulnerable to the oni and so he blames himself for his curse. He also views himself as not having a future because of his curse, which again, I think is reinforced by his culture.
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Okay but really, Harry is defined in almost every respect by the ideals and expectations of his culture. His understanding of honor, his impatience with anything his society defines as feminine, frivolous, or genteel, and of course the fact that everyone around him generally put him with his hot temper and total lack of social or political graces because he was so good at something they valued so highly: courage and success in combat.
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I do not think I can conceive of a Thrawn that was not shaped by the Chiss Ascendancy. It's so inherent a part of him that -- I can't remove him from that context and still have a person that is at all the same. At. All.
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Emcee is very much shaped by the Weimar era in Berlin, growing up marginalized and within a subculture that for a time actually flourished, and then was persecuted and eradicated. Its biggest influence is on his sexuality--how he views and approaches sex and sexual relationships. Not that sex is all he is, it's just that the physicality of it is often how he chooses to communicate and express himself. He is also open and accepting of others, and sympathizes with those who struggle with hiding who they are.
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It definitely does for Yamato. Culture, and the clash of traditionalism and modernity, are big themes in Adventure, so this is true of most of the kids to one degree or another, with a lot of them being in some measure screwed over by traditional ideals (with only the Yagamis really escaping it).

Yamato's in something of a culturally disadvantageous position -- his parents are divorced, and he's mixed-race, both of which make his social standing plummet -- and he responds to that by largely flouting cultural and social norms. Rebellion against cultural norms, and a certain amount of defiance regarding them, is a significant part of why he acts the way he does.
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I'll start with Cassian as the more I play him and read various SW's books, the more I realize how especially being from the Outer Rim marks someone. In terms of influence, it would go first as a member of the Rebellion then from being the Outer Rim with being a pilot about the same weight in terms of how they affect him. Being from Fest matters to him but that comes through in quieter ways, its loudest when he's cooking and is the reason he's in the Rebellion, but he doesn't bring it up. Basically, the only thing that would make him less appealing in the Empire's mind was if he was non-human and he knows all that's against him. Yet he knows how to use these in his spying work which I think takes a greater toll on him than he would ever acknowledge.

Quentin, a lot of his canon is about how much where you are from in Fae society influences your perceptions and choices. As a noble, pureblood Daoine Sidhe, this sets him up to be one way, most of his relationship and time with Toby is about shifting the weight of those influences.

Charles, oh yes, he's a mutant which goes out to everything but he's also a rich man from Westchester county who's now also disabled. For him, his experience of using a wheelchair is creating a lot of new influences on his life.

Ivan is a high Vor officer from Barrayar, everything about him begins from that and at times he moves against it, but the influence is so deep. He's not like Miles who can spot those influences and work against them or use them for his benefit.

I finished my fact checking and have a job interview on Thursday which means I have to get my haircut tomorrow. I'm running a little low on words so will stick with these ones for now.