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Wednesday DE: Afterlife

 What kind of heaven or hell does your character believe in or expect? If they are dead already, what was their reaction to Milliways not being it?
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Jim does not believe in either Heaven or Hell, beyond that which people make for themselves. He has the active disbelief of both a logician, and someone who was forced to listen to a lot of - as he thinks of it - Catholic hogwash when he was a kid. No no no no no, to all of it.

It could be noted that his reaction to other people believing in such stuff is, on one hand, total derision that anyone could be so stupid. And on the other, little desire to try and persuade them any differently. If they want to keep their illusions, it's fine with him - they're demonstrating a way in which they're pliable. And he understands it's human nature to want to believe in an afterlife, whatever it is. He's still thinks it's stupid, but *shrug*.

(Of course, he understands he's now apparently subject to a version of Hell in Seimei's world if he doesn't settle his karmic debt - the knowledge that Hell is real in other worlds doesn't bother him, what with multiverse theory being a Thing. So he'll settle the debt, free himself of the threat, and go back to being free to live or die with no fear of ending up anywhere afterwards.)

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Sameth knows what the afterlife looks like as he's walked in Death and he hopes to not have to go back there until he's dead.

Quentin knows that he'll be taken by the night haunts and he's kind of disturbed by how often Toby's talked to them. He hopes its a long time before he meets them.

Those are my two with the most defined what happens next.

Cassian doesn't know and tries not to think too much about what happens after death because he's fairly certain he doesn't deserve anything nice. He's very accepting of death, he knows the odds of surviving the Rebellion and the work he does, but in the canon things I've read, there's never of a sense of I'll die and go here. Its more he'll die and hope his death helps.

William was raised with a Christian upbringing and he knows Milliways is his father's and other people's afterlives, which he finds strange. For himself, he hopes he does well enough to go to heaven but he's more concerned with living and helping his brother live a long life.

Ivan's not very religious, there's not a lot of discussion of what happens after death in the books and he doesn't think about death a lot.

Will S. was born in the medieval church and accepted when he was far too young that he's going to hell. After Milliways, he's not as certain but he knows he's done a lot of sinful things in his life.

Charles isn't that religious, he believes in humanity and his hope for death is to be connected to everyone somehow.

Moist hopes that he gets a nice afterlife, he leaves various gifts with different gods as insurance but doesn't believe that much.

Demeter's a goddess so death doesn't happen to her but her son-in-law runs the Underworld fairly, she doesn't like him but she'll give him that.

Tumnus is going to Aslan's land.
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Poirot just told someone this. He is a devout Catholic, and expected some sort of appropriate Heaven, though he wasn't sure that one with St. Peter and angelic choirs and so on was going to be real. He's sort of nonplussed that he's in the Bar, and hasn't really tried to figure out that this means about the existence or lack thereof of a Heaven or of God.

Swamp Thing knows there are forces beyond the world of men, but what that means in terms of an afterlife he has not a clue. And this is a man who died and came back to life not long before the 2011 DC Comics reboot. He doesn't remember a thing about where he was, if he was anywhere. He's pretty sure, however, that there is a Hell, if only because there seem to be so many demonic beings.

Cyborg is an agnostic with Christian leanings. He's never really considered an afterlife.
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I don't keep up with current continuity. I'm guessing the arc during Alan Moore's run where Swamp Thing breaks Abby out of Hell got rebooted out of existence or whatever? I mean, that'd make a believer out of anybody.

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I had totally forgotten that one. I think it's out of continuity now, but who can be sure?
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Sabine: I have no clue. SW doesn't really cover what people believe in as far as what happens after death, unless you're a Jedi. I half think the Mandalorians believe souls of those who've died bravely become part of stars? I guess?

Ahsoka: In theory, she doesn't know about the possibility of life after death. Which makes me wonder what she'll think when she sees Yoda in the third season of Star Wars Rebels. Is it a vision? A ghost? Who knows?

Sam Wilson: In the comics, Sam's father is a preacher but I don't believe his denomination is ever mentioned. I am sure Sam believes there is heaven and hell, but I think he has faith that God is a lot more forgiving of a person's mistakes than the living make out.

Hank, I feel is Agnostic. I think he'll allow the possibility of an afterlife, but would need some proof of its existence. It's hard not to acknowledge the possibility when you bump shoulders with omega level mutants.

Touji likely knows there is something after and likely that it aligns with the Shinto religion. Given he works with spirits and such, it'd be stupid of him not to believe.

Izana isn't sure but doesn't see the harm in believing. Thanks to Seimei, they're studying Buddhism and so that'd be what their expectations are.

Danny would either expect the Christian heaven and hell, or the Buddhist/Chinese, thanks to his time in K'un Lun. He doesn't put much thought into either.
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Amascut is one of the gods of the dead in canon, so she knows what the afterlife is like, though maybe she has a biased view of it. She used to be the sole judge of the dead, infact, and filled the same roles that Ma'at, Osiris, and Ammit did in ancient Egypt. Now? Everyone's soul gets devoured.

As for what the afterlife is like? Well, there is the Grim Underworld where souls arrive after being reaped, through which flows the River Noumenon, but a bridge has been built over it because the ferry thing became way too inefficient. The bridge leads right to the Gates of the Underworld, beyond which is the actual afterlife(s). Headcanon says the actual afterlife is kind of a vast sea of fluidic spirituality and the heavens and hells are massive eddies created by agglomerations of souls that are next to impossible to get out of once a soul is drawn in. One of Amascut's goals is breaking up these heavens and hells. But, back to actual canon. Both the Grim Underworld and the Afterlife beyond the Gates are plagued by Amascut's devourer beasts since her fall from grace I guess, so it is pretty hellish until you reach your designated heaven. Unless you're headed to hell, which is usually someone else's heaven.

Amascut, though, knows she gets no afterlife. Not because anything she did (but maybe because something that was done to her) but it is because she's a god. Gods don't die when they are killed, they stop existing altogether.
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Emcee doesn't believe in a heaven or hell and can't be convinced of otherwise. An actual afterlife at Milliways is simply the luck of the draw.

Pam is practically living her afterlife, haha. She doesn't believe anything else happens after a vampire dies, except maybe that some part of them (their 'spirit' for lack of a better word) remains with their Maker or Progeny.

Floki believes in Valhalla. Although, coming to Milliways and meeting Gyda kind of throws a monkey wrench into his beliefs, but he manages to find a way around that. Blind devotion and all.

Cassidy was raised by both Catholic and Protestant parents (fun times, I bet) but of course he rejects everything he'd been taught. So he believes that there is no God or a heaven or hell. However, that's going to change as canon goes on. In canon, heaven, hell, and God are f'ed up, but hey, they exist.
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What? You mean this isn't heaven?

In all seriousness, Baze believes heaven and hell are places people go when they die, but doesn't address it any deeper than that. As he is now, he considers Milliways to be his own personal heaven. He has Chirrut here, and good food and potable water and relative safety and returned faith, and that's all he needs. Mostly Chirrut.
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Neither of my LM pups was much of a religious believer when alive; Milliways is weird but honestly Feuilly and Lesgle didn't have any real expectations.

Harry Monmouth believed and still believes in traditional 15th-century Catholic views of the afterlife, but by the time he died he already knew about Milliways and wasn't surprised to end up here. He's...not really sure where it fits in. Somewhere off to the side of Purgatory. Maybe it's Purgatory for cool kids. Anyway, he made sure to pay for lots of candles and masses and prayers and chapels to be set up when he died, so he figures he'll end up in Heaven sooner or later.

Djehuty has already, by the time I'm playing him from, managed to incorporate a few thousand years' worth of Egyptian theological development. For a while there, he was flying the souls of kings up into the stars; nowadays the Egyptian Afterlife is a whole complicated kingdom with all sorts of scary and awesome parts. You can get maps. He likes it.

William Douglas is kind of resigned to seeing Milliways when he dies. Presumably Heaven or Hell will come along after that.