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AU week 2017

Ladies and gentlemen, and all beings in-between and beyond, AU (Alternative Universe) week is upon us again! And with the Mod-gods permission we invite you to mess with the universe your character is from.

The plot will run from the second August weekend onwards, that is, from 12th to 19th of August, Saturday to Saturday.

Alternative histories, re-written ending, or a different world all together – bring it on.

For one week, our characters get a chance to be an Alternative Universe version of themselves -- either collectively as a canon group, or individually. For example previous years the entire "Vikings" contingent were bikers, Hannibal Lecter was a vampire from the world of She Who Must Not Be Named, the Amis de l' ABC were from a Daemon AU, Rae Seddon was still Raven Blaise, having been raised by the magic-handling upper-class other half of her family, and Javert and Valjean were from that amazing modern AU of Write's that she is posting on AO3.

Bring your character in on a solo adventure, or team up with canon-mates for a collective AU. For those who have been around, you’re welcome to pick up for last year or start something new entirely.

For those who choose to play, the alternative universe will be the way it has always been for that character.

As with all things, threading should be fun - participation is entirely optional, unchanged characters are free to interact with the AU affected, and remembering what happened after it’s over is entirely discretionary.

As with other plots with drastic changes, like IMDb flu, people are completely free in their own charrie's reactions. So, if you don't want to do that, you can decide your charries simply haven't met the AU versions before, and just meet them as complete strangers. However, in order to hit the ground running when threading with a changed version your charrie always knew like this, coordinating your interactions per IM or PM might be very helpful, in addition to the OOC establishing posts for each character participating. Communication is key!

Maru and Munnin are tag-teaming this year so any thoughts, ideas, questions, or concerns can by asked here, or –

Munnin - PM to Jay, Sinric or Bodhi’s journal or emailed to munnin.odin(at)
Maru - yakalskovich(at)

Discussions, planning, and questions from previous years can be found here and here.

Good luck, have fun and we look forward to seeing everyone in the bar!

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