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Wednesday DE: Machine Companion

In the Star Wars universe, many people have personal autonomous androids for all sorts of tasks, known as droids. They tend to have strong personalities of their own, and a plethora of different uses.

What kind of droid would your character have?
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Personally I think Bodhi needed K-2SO. Someone with just the right amount of snark.

Jay already has the drones, who suit him well.

I'd imagine Sinric having something beautiful and delicate, and capable of producing a complex array of music.
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Wilfod would have something that was utterly useless, and a bit broken in a dangerous sort of way. Like, no, its prime function is not to leak hydraulic fluid and spit sparks and start little fires, but that's what it does, and it's funny as hell.
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Hera has a droid called Chopper. Chopper is a really old C1-10P astromech model that had belonged to a Republic pilot during the Clone Wars – that pilot crashed outsider Hera's home when she was a young girl, and she salvaged Chopper from the wreckage and rebuilt him.

Chopper is... kind of a curmudgeon jerk! While he's generally very good at his work, he's also lazy and complains a lot about having to do it. He's also prankish, to the point of sometimes maybe borderline psychopathic about it. Definitely not the generally helpful if at times snarky or annoying droids that usually show up. I like to think that in programming him, Hera just couldn't stand the idea of anyone, even a droid, being under another's thumb.
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Kanan lives with Chopper and absolutely does not need another droid ever, thank you.
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Cassian has Kay and I think he appreciates Kay's bluntness and honesty as Cassian is always lying. They take care of each other. He reprogrammed Kay which changed him. I'm so excited for the comic today and my afternoon plan is to buy and read it. I need to get a Kay icon or a Kay and Cassian icon, I have Cassian looking at Kay but not the two of them.

In terms of my others, hm, some have animal companions that could be reinterpreted as droids. Sameth would love a chance to try and build a droid as he's fascinated by automatons.

Oddly enough in the Vorkosigan books, robots aren't really a thing for how sci-fi it is.

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Baze thinks droids are creepy.
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Ahsoka has a soft spot for astromechs and always will, thanks to Artooie.

Sabine I could see with a parrot droid like the ones Seveth Sister used.

Sam will get a bird-like drone he'll name Redwing in honor of Rhiley. It has a range of scanning capabilities as well as offensive weapons, and Sam can us its cameras as another set of eyes.
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