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Monday DE

What makes your pup nervous? 
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Poirot is unnerved by anything that disrupts his sense of order on a personal level. He can deal with criminals, evil masterminds, even war. But a book out of place that he cannot move will make him fidget like crazy.

Swamp Thing is hard to unnerve, but the Parliament of Trees does get under his bark.
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Emcee: Oh, you know. Nazis. And guns, as he has a bit of PTSD.

Pam: Eric doing something stupid.

Floki: Helga leaving him, Ragnar rejecting him, his ships sinking, the gods cursing him, yeah he's pretty paranoid.

Cassidy: Probably cops. And being outside without an umbrella.
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Raph: Bugs...also magic.
Mike: Having responsibility without some form of oversite.
Splinter: He's not fond of wide open spaces, or large groups of people.

Aang: His destiny
Bumi: ... I honestly can't think of anything.

The Loompas: The Wonka, or vermicious knids.
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Chirrut Imwe doing something dumb... Or, as is proven recently, Baze himself doing something dumb and worrying that he won't be forgiven.