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Tuesday DE

This is going up rather late, for which I apologize; just got off a flight. I almost did a travel question, this one occurred to me instead.

Does your character visit their family--whether genetic, formally adopted, informally adopted/just chosen and assembled like half our large-cast-protagonist stories are--often? (If they live with their family, assume holidays/important celebrations at or with visiting family.) How do those visits go, what are they like? Does your character enjoy them?

And for those characters who don't have family, do they wish they did or are they relieved to be spared the... let's call them 'complications' that can go with it?
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Oh I like this one and how carefully you've worded it!

Ahsoka: She has no idea who her birth family is. She lives with her adopted family which at this point is Anakin, the clones of the 501st (which I am running with the fan canon that they adopted her as their little sister), and Obi-Wan. Eventually Padme will become family, as will Barriss. Togruta have a strong family bond and Ahsoka, despite not being raised by her native species, is no exception. She'd prefer to live with them constantly and always.

Sabine: Birth family? What birth family? (Throws helmet on and flies away on nonexistent jetpack.) She lives on board a space ship with the people who are quickly becoming her family. She did have a blood/oath sister, but things didn't work out. She feels better about this family. They seem more trustworthy, even if a certain mother figure is keeping things from Sabine.

Danny: Lost his mother and father, and was an only child. He has a close friend in K'un Lun, but I think Danny doesn't see him as family. (This will prove problematic in the future.) He is currently running back home to try and find a surrogate family in the Meachums. (This search could go better but then we wouldn't have a story if it did.) He would gladly take any and all complications if it meant he'd get a family.

(More later maybe.)
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All that's left of Baze's family is Chirrut. Boo, Empire!
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...At this point, I think Yusuke's idea of 'visiting family' is 'going to the cafe and looking at his mother's self-portrait.' He has no desire to visit Madarame; coping with his childhood is difficult enough without complicating it by falling back on those old habits. He knows nothing about his extended family or even his biological father (who is implied to be dead regardless).

His friends are decently close to a true family in many ways, but he has yet to think of them like that. They're his friends, and he sees them on a regular basis.
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Quentin loves his adopted family of Toby, May, the Luidaeg, Raj and Tybalt. He also loves his actual family but its trickier, they sent him away on a blind fosterage which huge though he knows why they did it. Its just they're far away and don't feel as close for him.

Charles misses parts of his found family and is working to create a new one, his actual family he doesn't have that strong a connection to. His mother was distant and there's a mention of a stepfather but his blood family doesn't factor in a lot for him.

Cassian misses his father every day and tries to make the galaxy better for him while worrying that his father wouldn't like how he's doing it. Canon doesn't give any details on his mother so I headcanon that she died when he was younger. The Rebellion is his found family but the way he's connected to them he keeps himself more on the edges of things. Since he's lost other found families and so many people due to the Empire and fighting against them, he likes knowing he's a part of something bigger but tries to not get too close. He doesn't want anyone to worry or mourn him as his job is so dangerous.

Sameth loves his family but its tricky. He's closer to his father but both parents spent most of his childhood doing their duties that he and Ellimere didn't rely on them. He and Ellimere are rebuilding their relationship after growing apart. Of his found family, Nick is basically his brother and Lirael, he cares for but its odd.

William loves his brother and mother and loves and misses his father though their relationship has never been easy.

Will S.'s parents are still alive and he worried as an outlaw about them getting hurt because he's their only surviving child. He loves and treasures his found family of the outlaws.

Ivan's an only child but with a wonderful extended family through Miles and Gregor and he loves them all. The complications are part of how they work and he prefers some complications to others. He and his mother are very close though they don't really understand each other.

Moist was raised by his grandparents after his parents died and they were nice but he was happy to go out on his own and hasn't wanted to go back to Uberwald.

Demeter loves her daughter more than anyone and loves the rest of her family to varying degrees.

Tumnus' father died when he was younger and he still misses him but adores the found family he's found in the Pevensies.
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I think Wilford has convinced himself that he popped into existence one day, already fully-grown.
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Emcee doesn't have blood relatives that he knows of, but he's always been surrounded by people. Even as a street urchin, he roamed with other homeless children. There was the brothel and his informally adoptive mother, but after he left he never felt compelled to go back, because he learned quickly that people will always come and go in his life, just as he will come and go in others' lives. His most recent family was his boys and girls at the Kit Kat Klub, and I don't think Emcee ever thought he'd care as much about them as he did. I've imagined them to be as close and closer as any ensemble cast of any show. They worked together night after night, enjoyed each other's company (in more ways than one), looked out for each other, celebrated the good times and weathered the bad. Now all he has left of them are Herman and Helga, and he's going to stick by them for as long as he can.

Floki's family consists of Helga, their child, and Ragnar and his family. Once Ragnar is king, they all live in the great hall together and thus pretty much do everything together in a communal way. I think this close-quarters situation kind of goes to Floki's head, though, and he gets even more jealous of Athelstan's presence.

For vampires, it's generally a bad idea to go back and visit your human family.

Pam was disowned by her human family as a teenager, so she never had a reason to go back anyway. She was far, far away from them when Eric turned her, and even when they traveled through Europe she never really had the desire to show up at her parents' house. If she was curious, Eric would have warned her against it. (I wrote a DE fic about it once, but that's just headcanon.) Eric is her only family now, and he's all she needs.

Cassidy, as always, is a fucking train wreck, but I'm getting ahead of myself. In the comics, when Cassidy was turned, he immediately knew that he could never go back to his parents and brother. He'd never be able to explain himself to them, so it was better off that they thought he was dead. And that's why he had to leave Dublin, and eventually Ireland altogether, because people know each other and word gets around. Throughout the decades, his train wreck of a lifestyle led to him become a deadbeat dad. He probably had a dozen kids that he doesn't know about, and who knows what happened to their moms. He just keeps leaving because he doesn't want to see them grow old while he stays young. It's a shitty and selfish excuse, but he can't handle the responsibility of family.
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Kanan never knew his genetic family. His "adopted" family was the Jedi Order, and after they were all killed or went into hiding, he didn't have anyone that could be considered "family" in any manner of speaking until he started traveling with Hera. He lives with them and doesn't have anyone outside of them. Probably the closest was having Ahsoka around, which was ... complicated? Even if she was technically no longer a Jedi, she was a last remnant of that family and he certainly felt that she was closer to what a Jedi should be than he had ever been. So meeting with her was bittersweet in that it meant having at least one other person in the galaxy who had shared some of those experiences, but who had also lost that family, and who was in some ways a reminder of the Jedi Knights that neither of them would ever really become.

Hera did grow up with her parents on Ryloth. And as her parents were guerrilla fighters from the time she was very young, Hera also grew up around fellow fighters and their families. It's meant she's also has a broad idea of what constitutes a family, as well as how a family operates. Her father, for instance, wasn't somebody who really belonged just to her or her mother; he was an important figure and leader to many others. And given that both Hera and her mother were also part of his resistance movements against the Separatists and later the Empire, he was also a fellow and commanding officer. This is a … weird mesh of lines and relationships, and probably helped contribute to the falling out Hera had with her father. After leaving Ryloth, she never visited him (until circumstances forced her hand), and only reluctantly communicated with him. (She did, however, maintain communications with other Twi'lek resistance fighters and associates of her father's – some of whom would have fallen under her broader definition of 'family,' though not in such an immediate way.) She did have Chopper as a companion, and eventually the Ghost crew. But even with them, there are similar issues – Hera isn't just part of a family, even a "chosen" family, she's a commanding officer. She has commitments to people and ideals beyond this family, meaning she can't really dedicate herself solely to them at the exclusion of others. She can mostly just hope to afford them more attention and greater faith than her own father did to her.