09 October 2017 @ 07:42 am
A great suggestion from [personal profile] i_am_your_host :

Does your pup live with someone or by themselves? What do they prefer? What kind of roommate are they? If they live alone, what would they probably be like as a roommate?
08 October 2017 @ 05:03 pm
It's Sunday again, Milliways, and you know what that means...

it means Jake knows what's the what )
06 October 2017 @ 08:58 am
 So yesterday we talked about small judgements. Today let's talk about small things that annoy your pup that they put up with anyway. I'm thinking things like roommates who leave the cap off the toothpaste, pull the top of the garbage bag out when it's full but don't take the trash out, that sort of thing
05 October 2017 @ 12:26 pm
Sorry for the delay on this.

Tess returns to Milliways.

Lots of True Blood canon OOMs, its always great to see the next steps in a canon.

Will starts to slowly move forward.

Now please share what you're loving and finishing as I disappear into fact checking.
05 October 2017 @ 06:52 am
IN HONOR OF going two (2) years without repeating any of my DE prompts (so far as I know) I am bringing back my very first DE prompt:

What is your character judgmental about? Not necessarily the Big Bad things like murder, theft, and societal injustice: the smaller things like what beer someone likes or how they dress to go out to dinner or whether they're good at sports. Do they try not to be judgmental or are they totally fine with it?
04 October 2017 @ 08:08 pm
Hi all,

Quick note to apologise for the lack of Life Support last month and the general slowing of my tagging speed.

I have some ongoing medical things going on right now - not serious as such, but consuming of my energy, which means I have less time to RP. I'm not sure how long this will last. But I am still here, as usual, pootling around in the background, and can be contacted by all the usual channels if needed.

Charlotte xx
04 October 2017 @ 07:54 am
Hullo! As discussed a while back--and now with Moderator approval!--I will be hosting a plot for a (partial) failure of the Milliways translation field.

Loki, getting bored of fishing the traditional way, will be dabbling about in fish-luring spells down at the lake, thanks to the library's collection of magic books. That would be merely an ecological disaster anywhere else, but the babelfish living in Milliways' walls will be affected as well, condensing in the part of the walls nearest the lake as they try to obey the spell. The result will be translation failures in the building--but only in parts of it. If you want your character to be entirely unaffected, they can be.

(............some might at this point ask "but if the babelfish translation manages to work throughout the grounds even if the fish are only in the bar walls then why would this be a problem." the answer is, uh. uh. magic. magic is why. those poor fish are feeling very stressed and it's throwing off their usual biological functions.)

My plan is for this to kick off next weekend. Say, FRIDAY THE 13TH, since we have one this month. It'll last a few days (i.e. no new translation-based EPs after one week, though of course people can finish up threads indefinitely.)

If this timing is super duper impossible for someone who really really wants to participate, let me know and I can see about rescheduling?

If anyone wants other fish-based weirdness to happen, also let me know!
04 October 2017 @ 12:11 pm
Many of us have these headvoices they used to play and retired, or have written in fic  but not RPed which are still a background presence in our minds.

Bring them out!

Tag in here as if the tag was an EP, then tag out to others, and go wild. I am turning notifies off, so no limits.

Except: please no characters that are presently extant in Milliways, only complete retirees or no-shows. Also, assume they have been to the bar before,  no first entrances. Have fun!!

Of course you can tag the visitors with your current pups, too, especially if it's somebody you've missed or would love to see!
03 October 2017 @ 09:43 am
Slipping this in before I bury myself in making tamales de azucar from my grandmother's recipe, which prompts this question:

Are there any foods or meal practices which very strongly give your character a sense of family or home or comfort? Could be as simple as pasta, could be "and this is my family's specific tradition of chocolate and sea salt and caramel on matzo for dessert at Passover." (... not actually mine, but now that I have thought of it, uh, add that to my experimentation list.)

While we're at it, what about you?


*vanishes back into cutting up meat*
02 October 2017 @ 04:37 pm
It's October 2nd!
I was supposed to open Apps YESTERDAY.

Right then, Apps are open.
And uh...so are Happy Hours for this week, which include:

Today, or what's left of it.

Have at!

02 October 2017 @ 01:34 pm
...Well, shit.

Do we have any players in or around Las Vegas? Is everyone okay?
01 October 2017 @ 09:29 pm
 Up early as I know my actual Monday morning promises to be nutty. 

 Name at least one character you'd love to play but know you can't pull off. Give reasons why if you wish. 
01 October 2017 @ 09:45 am
It's Sunday again, Milliways, and you know what that means...

it means escapism! cuteness! things that make us squee! )
29 September 2017 @ 06:03 am
Good morning, Milliways. Sorry I haven't been around much this week. I'm doing a staycation and things that haven't been getting done are now being so, which hasn't left time for me to sit. Perhaps next week?

Anyway, I was wondering...what trail lead you to Milliways? What path lead you to journal based role playing? And do you have a favorite role playing story you'd like to share, whether it happened in Milliways or not?
28 September 2017 @ 07:36 am
Oof, I feel like I fell off the edge of the earth, Milliways-wise, with some real-life stuff going on. BUT LOOK IT'S A DAILY ENTERTAINMENT TOPIC!

Does your character have siblings or family members in their age group? Which one are they closest with?
28 September 2017 @ 01:25 am
I've had a fairly up and down week as the weather's being weird here. I hope everyone else's week is going more smoothly.

Wilford's corpse turns up on the beach, setting up a variety of reactions. Security isn't happy.

Yamato keeps on trying to move forward.

Cassidy tries TruBlood and doesn't get it.

Now what have you been enjoying reading?
27 September 2017 @ 12:44 pm
Tea or coffee?
Wine or beer?
Chicken or fish?
Taxi or tram?
Pipe or cigarette?
26 September 2017 @ 02:47 am
Early, but hey, it's Tuesday where I am, so whatever.

How does your character and/or their culture feel about repentance?
25 September 2017 @ 04:59 pm
Would you like a Happy Hour!

Here! Let me give you them!


First to claim, first to serve.
Have at!
25 September 2017 @ 05:44 am
 Good morning Milliways. Let's grab a hand full of suspension of disbelief and imagine our pups are video game characters. If they were to die, what loot would drop?