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Shout outs

Bar has been intense lately with various times and worlds colliding.

Kylo feels changes in the Force and leaves his own. Posts like this are why I love playing big universes with numerous timelines like Star Wars in Milliways. I'm so looking forward to what happens next from these shifts.

On the other side of the Bar changes Steven Universe is adorable and Garnet and Pearl keep an eye on him.

A younger Lois enters and thanks to Yamato appreciates the milkshakes of Milliways.

Now what have you been following avidly and finished.
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Literally the first time ever in history someone has used the words "really nice" to describe Wilford.
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Hey, Steven's 12, he's Learning ;P (thanks, it's very fun playing him off people like Wilford!)
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I have a feeling he's about to get a great big dose of learning if he hangs around Wilford.

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Thank you! I had so much fun!
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So did I and I look forward to more.
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I got a lot of surprise feels from Logan and X.

I've also been enjoying all the various Cassian threads, but especially his blooming friendship with Ibani.