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Shout outs

Its far too hot here and I love seeing all the new characters and all the OOMs in Bar. I'm going to hit a few one of my favorites then you fill in yours.

Eden's OOMs are funny and fascinating. Kingdom Hearts is a strange world and I look forward to knowing it better.

A look into Kylo's past which is heartbreaking.

Abe Sapien, Doc Scurlock and Ben Wade return and I was bouncing on my sofa at all of these EPs.
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Thanks for the shout-out!

I'll add in Tess and Jim arguing about Jim the Younger, and Evelyn post-Harrowing (and post-somebody-else-being-Harrowed).
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Yes, I can't wait to see what happens with Tess and Jim and Evelyn was gorgeous.
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Oh, Evelyn was a great read and was the one I had meant to post about. Oh well. = ]
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B'aww, too kind — thank you for the shout-out! It has been capital-A-mazing to actively thread again with you folks. <333

Meanwhile, there is so much fabulousness to devour; to pay it forward, I would like to highlight X-23 and Logan lamenting the finer mundanities of Security-centric paperwork.
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You're very welcome, there was bouncing when you EPed. I love X and Logan's relationship.