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Monday DE

Well it's midnight somewhere and I want to sleep in tomorrow, so here's the DE.

What is something your character is bad at? I'm looking for more mundane things rather than things "they can't do higher maths". Like they're bad at catching things thrown at them. 
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[personal profile] iprotectyou 2017-05-29 04:50 am (UTC)(link)
Baze can make a mean gorrunt stew or other slow cooker foods, like curries, but when it comes to fast things, like eggs or porridge or grilled cheese sandwiches, he burns them. He keeps the heat too high because he's impatient, and misjudges how long he needs to cook them.
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Wilford cannot make coffee. Or, more accurately, he cannot make good coffee. He gets the basic principle of coffee grounds + hot water = caffeinated beverage, but more often than not, he winds up with something barely drinkable.
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Harry's bad at names. Both people's names and place names tend to slip his mind.
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it is true and it is adorable
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Eriond is sometimes bad at not glowing.

Evelyn is really bad at lightning magic! The first level basic ones that young mages learn early, not the complicated ones. Precocious pre-teens could be better than she is.

Lois is terrible at spelling. Spellcheck is one of her favorite modern innovations. She might fail English classes without it. She will also always be terrible at cooking.

R2 is bad at stairs. He can cheat with rockets, but that takes a lot of fuel and energy.

Anakin isbadatsandsorrynotsorry, I vaguely assume, is also bad at cooking. I think maybe Obi-wan tried to make him learn as "you're the padawan you can do the chore" and Anakin just failed hard at it, possibly deliberately, but he's awful at cooking. And then aggressively doesn't care.
(Vader is bad at breathing.)

Tavi has little grasp of visual art and music. Not in the sense of ~*~deep understanding~*~. He can vaguely tell if something took skill, or is aethetically pleasing. He just doesn't get the point. He's the kind of person who would never listen to music unprompted, or wouldn't think to put anything but bookcases on walls (except vague "Should something be there? Does anyone know what?") (Caveat: he knows what clothes and jewelry look beautiful on Kitai. That is, uh, different.)
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Sameth really can't dance that well, he knows how to do the motions but he'd rather hold a sword than be told to dance.

Cassian can't make good caf, he can make delicious food but he learned how to make caf using the cheapest of the cheap. So while he likes drinking better quality caf, he can't make it, his always ends up more like motor oil, which he'll drink but he wants the better stuff.

Charles can make really simple food mainly involving bread and maybe eggs, but that's it. Also he is a horrible liar, he's far too used to using his telepathy for cheating.

Ivan oddly enough is actually an awkward flirt, he knows how to make it work for him but most of his lines are stupid and overused.

I'm not sure about my others, I think I need to sleep on them but I love this question.
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Amascut is bad at simple, direct plans. Every thing has to be some elaborate scheme. With failsafes. It almost reaches cartoon villian level overcomplication.

It is probably learned behavior. Going beserk mode is fun but does not get as much done, plus the failure mode is usually really bad.

Fairy Fixit is bad at weather. I know, not mundane, but for her species it should be mundane. It is why she concentrated on long distance teleportation instead.
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[personal profile] exiled_heir_of_the_eighth 2017-05-29 01:46 pm (UTC)(link)
Politics is beyond Sahaal. He tries to hide it, but he has no idea about such matters, and given his experiences with the Administratum and spire nobility, no desire to learn.
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[personal profile] last_kallig 2017-05-29 03:16 pm (UTC)(link)
Ibani can not cook, at all. She's never had the chance to learn, what with one thing or another. If it wasn't for the droid on her ship they'd be eating ration bars all the time while in hyperspace. (On planet, there's generally someone serving food somewhere.)

She's also never learned to swim!
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I can't think of anything that Emcee would be terrible at. Whatever he discovers he's bad at, he makes it a point to get better at it.

Pam is bad at basic household chores. Meaning that she's never done them in a hundred years and never will again. That's what the help is for.

Floki can't swim. It's canon. Being a boat builder it's a wonder how he got through his entire life without drowning. I think it may be that he really, physically can't swim for some reason, like an inability to float rather than because of a lack of trying, as I'm sure people have tried to teach him.
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I have no idea what Daniel is bad at, other than flirting, and not dying, or staying dead.

The Count-- is bad at a lot of things especially when it comes to dealing with humans, and parenting. He's the worst parent ever.... he loves his kids, but he's just a jerk to his daughter, despite his love for her, and he expects way too much of his son.

Guide- well, I know he's bad at something. my brain isn't working quite right to figure out what it is.

Vala- is terrible at cooking. She had to learn, but she's not good at it at all. She also has very little patience.

Tass- well, he's a Kender. I suspect he has something he's really bad at, I'd have to sit and think about it for some time.

Tegid- I've not really decided what he's bad at. I have a feeling that he can't really cook complicated foods, that's not his lot in life, and he's probably crap at hunting.

Did I miss anyone?
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[personal profile] not_my_sandbox 2017-05-29 07:11 pm (UTC)(link)
LOL, Daniel

Tass is just bad at the whole personal property thing, isn't he?
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Yeah Tass has a problem if ending up with other people's things without knowing it.... or its just that no one was using it at the time.

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Enjolras is not very good at languages. Oh, he had years of Greek and Latin from quite a young age, and he managed to get okay enough at them to get into university, but... he's really just okay, and closer to scraping by if he has to actually produce it on the spot without grammar checking. He'd kind of like to be better at them -- hey Feuilly and Prouvaire, you are inspirational examples of communication among the brotherhood of all humanity! -- but he's just not. He's very eloquent in French and never gonna manage more than stumbling through in anything else.

Cosette doesn't have particularly fast reflexes, physically. (I have just decided this.) She's generally pretty coordinated, though she doesn't get a ton of athletic activity to really refine that, but if she drops a thing she's probably not going to catch it on the way down, for example.

Thor was really hard to think of a relevant answer for! Most of the mundane things he's bad at are things he's never had cause to learn, like cleaning and laundry, rather than things he innately lacks skill at. Uhhh. Maybe he's bad at judging heights? Like, kinesthetically, sure -- that person's reach is this much shorter than mine, that building will require throwing Mjölnir that high to get onto -- but in terms of translating it into numbers, uhhhh, idk she's shorter than I am? It's tallish, building-wise? Look it's right there judge for yourself.

I reserve the option of changing my mind on that, but it's what I'm going with for right now.

Kazul is bad at cooking. :( This is only partly because she has talons and is huge; that doesn't get in the way of her reading books, after all. Mostly, she just has the wrong kind of patience -- she wants it to be done NOW and it isn't (so she breathes fire at it and then it's overdone), or she wanders off to do something else while it's cooking and remembers far too late, or whatever. This would be fine if she were also happy to eat anything, but she likes good food. And this is why Kazul likes having a human around to cook fancy desserts and a friend with a Cauldron of Plenty for dinner parties, for when she's in the mood for something fancier than raw and just-caught.

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