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Wednesday DE: Packing your bags

Your character needs to leave in a hurry and can only take what they can carry. What will they take along -- both in canon, and from Milliways?
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Amascut is more the type who would destroy all the evidence before she leaves, so no idea for her.

I'll have to think more on Fairy Fixit
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Same things he normally carries around with him: gun, ammo, knife, save log. If he's leaving for good, he'd make sure he has the dog, but he doesn't need to be carried.
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Her lightsabers and maybe a communicator. If she needs anything else, the Force will provide.
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Chirrut took his staff, his lightbow, and his Baze.

Always bring your Baze, people.
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Damn it, that was my answer: Baze took his repeater cannon, his armor, and his Chirrut.
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Emcee packs some shirts and a pair of trousers, a shaving kit and makeup (he's vain), a few magazines, and non-perishable food like crackers and cookies. If he knew about protein bars he'd take those.

Pam...is just giving me an are you fucking kidding me look.

Floki takes all the weapons and tools on his belt, some cold weather clothes, and provisions like dried fish and meat. He's used to traveling fast and light.
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As long as he's got his phone with him, he's good.
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Daniel: I guess it depends on where he's going. If he's going to be going somewhere for a few weeks, like say Atlantis he tends to take a few bags of things like clothing, books, tools. If he is going just on a mission he tends to take a backpack with his tool kit, some food, you know other equipment, and extra socks. He also tends to keep some of his equipment in his vest and uniform pockets. He also keeps a 9MM pistol on his hip, and a decent knife too, though he does have the usual p90. Oh and in that tool kit, are a few sharpened trowels, paint bruses, picks, ect. He keeps his mission pack packed all the time, like a bug out bag. So, in a hurry he can just pick up and go.

Tass: packs pretty light, though he has a ton of stuff in his pockets. Not all of it is useful, but he can usually figure out how to survive with what he can find. One thing he'd never go anywhere without is his map case.

The Count: Yeah, I have no idea. I tend to think that he packs like a teenage girl.

Guide: He really doesn't need much. He can survive with what he can hide in his coat. However, he will pack a bag if he needs to.

Vala: is pragmatic, and doesn't really pack much, if she doesn't want to. Though, she always has makeup, a brush, and hair ties.

Wil: He packs light. What he can put in his saddle bags, a backpack, and his bedroll is what he really needs.

Tegid: always has his staff, harp, a pouch of special ashes, some herbs, and a few gold bars he uses as currency.

Death packs nothing but his ring and his scythe.
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Sahaal would grab his armour, claws, bolter and large crate of ammunition. He'd probably grab the Vault Boy bobblehead, peppermint plant and Halo action figure from his desk as well. And, of course, the Corona Nox.