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Weekend Entertainment...yes, I'm doing one

I am working another garage sale and so you wonderful people are being drafted to keep me entertained.

In Greek myths and plays, the heroes always had a tragic flaw that lead to their downfall. This flaw wasn't always a bad thing, just something that was exploitable or taken to an extreme. Here's more on the idea if you need it.

So, using this, what is your character's tragic flaw?

And since we don't all play heroes, what is your villain's noble virtue, i.e. that thing that might save or redeem them?
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To be completely honest, Sahaal's kind of an anti-hero, almost verging on villain protagonist, so I'll do both.

His tragic flaw is that he romanticises the past much more than is healthy, and quite often self-deludes himself into thinking everything used to be alright, even when it blatantly wasn't.

As to his virtue, Sahaal believes that fear and terror tactics are a means to an end, not the end itself, so whilst he's not the nicest person, he doesn't commit atrocities for fun. It's disturbing that this puts him above 99% of his Legion in terms of morality.
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Amascut has already had her heroic downfall as part of her backstory. It was her opposition to needless suffering and death that ironically lead to her villainous turn. Well, that and accidentally waking an Elder God. It still motivates her, but her standards for needless suffering have changed a great deal.

There is a decent sized chunk of Amascut-related canon about to be released this Monday so I'll decline getting too far into speculation about her possible redemption. But... there may (still) be a protective motivation to what she does.

Fairy Fixit could easily take her anti-god and anti-theistic impulses to the extreme.
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Eriond: N/A for Reasons.

Evelyn: Her faith in people she trusts.

Lois: Her courage and insatiable curiosity--neither one in isolation, but as a pair? Oh yeah.

Tavi: The Calderon flaw: Doing anything to protect family short of consciously harming many people. The Gaius flaw: What they're willing to do in the name preventing harm to a big picture (for the better ones, healing it); and hubris.

R2-D2: This inexplicable affection for Padme Amidala Naberrie, Anakin Skywalker, and their descendants.

Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader: He will do anything out of desperation for those he loves.
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In Cabaret Emcee's flaw (and almost everyone else's) was ignoring reality until it was too late. But his virtue, as I have played him, is that he only wanted to provide a safe little bubble within the walls of the Kit Kat Klub.

Pam's virtue is her undying (ha) loyalty to Eric. It's a flaw as well because it can be easily taken advantage of. If either Eric or Pam is in trouble, the other will always be drawn in no matter what the danger is.

Floki's flaw is his fanaticism for the gods. Like, he has absolutely no chill about this. And it leads to other people getting hurt or killed and pretty much ruins his relationship with Ragnar.
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I will never tire of the undead jokes for Pam.
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Vampires do love their puns!
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At first I would say it was his lack of faith, but no--Baze's flaw is his anger. For nineteen years, he has nursed an anger all his own, and it twisted him up inside until the end.
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I think Charles' greatest flaw is hm, this is hard, I almost want to say its his continued belief that there's a way together to work with Erik or his optimism in people's good.

Cassian's flaw is how committed he is to the Rebellion, he has broken himself upon the galaxy because of what can be and while he knows there's a cost to himself, along the way sacrificed himself.

Quentin's is his loyalty to the various traditions of the Fae world, that shifts over the course of the books and gets tangled up with his loyalty.

Will S.'s is his loyalty to Robin and his impulsiveness, which almost gets him killed.

William's is his anger and feelings towards his father which pushed him to go to Yuma and to almost shoot Ben Wade.

Sameth's is I think his misunderstanding of himself, though that improves as the books go on.

Moist, oh Moist's kind of an anti-hero and well, his overconfidence and belief that he can find a way and how he's always looking for a way out.

Ivan's is his privilege, he completely rests on the fact that yes, other people will help me get out of this.

Demeter, her love for her daughter.

Tumnus, his fear though he confronts it over the course of canon.
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Tess' fatal flaw is that she has a hard time relying on others. This makes her take unnecessary risks.

Kylo... time will tell but I suspect it's his anger.

For Sikozu it's that she's on her own side, for good or bad.