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Monday DE

A great suggestion from [personal profile] ceitfianna :

Based on your character's skill set, how do they view the world? Some examples of the types of awareness might be spatially, emotionally, kinetically, and such like. Or another way to look at it, what are the first things they notice?

(Also, just a reminder for folks and let newcomers know, we have a daily entertainment suggestion box that is open 24/7. It's a great resource for us DE muns and we loves it, especially on those mornings when we are completely stumped for a topic. Post early, post often.)
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Interesting questions!

Emcee gauges the emotional atmosphere of a room/group of people as if he were walking out onstage. Being a performer he also notices how other people notice him, or how they perceive him. It's a bit narcissistic, but you can't be an entertainer and not be wired to think about how people see you.

Pam walks into a room and asks herself, who here can I eat? She also notices bad fashion choices.

Floki is constantly wondering how things are built and if he can somehow replicate them with his own materials. He's interested in textures, smells, and tastes, and will often examine a new object with all his senses.
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Huh, I've never thought about this before. I should have.

Baze is pretty good at judging distances between him and his targets. When he enters a room, he scopes out potential exits as well as obstacles for Chirrut to trip over--though Chirrut can mostly handle himself. Baze makes a mental map of the space which is fairly accurate. He's also decent at tracking motion, and, possibly more importantly, the lack of motion, that momentary stillness that occurs before people are about to attack.
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Yamato is both spatial and emotional. He's got a general's eye for mapping out the lay of the land, figuring out exits and advantageous positions and distances, but he's also pretty good at gauging the atmosphere, and the emotional states of people around him. He's perceptive, but that perceptiveness is very much geared towards his role in the Chosen.

Gabumon's skills are very similar -- it's telling that out of all the evolved partners, Garurumon is the most likely to do clever things with space and distance to confuse or surprise opponents.

Eden is -- I don't know, physically aware? Scientifically aware? He's almost preternaturally skilled at figuring out magic or tech anywhere in his vicinity, just off sensory input like how it looks and smells and maybe tastes if he can get his tongue near enough, and mimicking its effects, and he's similarly adept at seeing and copying body language. He's basically entirely emotionally unaware, though: As far as he's aware right now, everyone is just feigning their emotional reactions, and it doesn't occur to him that there's any kind of genuine feeling under them.
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I had the idea for this DE because of my current threads with Cassian in handcuffs and realizing that he thinks spatially. He's a pilot, he puts intel together in terms of puzzle pieces and as someone who's good at escapes, he looks into how to move through space. He also approaches the world through an emotional lens, that comes through in the novelization, he's incredibly good at reading people and knowing how to connect with them quickly or use them as part of his job.

Charles views everything through the emotional lens of the thoughts and feelings around him and uses them to navigate.

Quentin thinks in I almost want to say social terms, he's very aware of etiquette and then in terms of moving through it, kinetically, he's good at knowing when to show himself and when to hide.

Sameth is tricky because he sees everything really through the lens of the Charter and his work of creating. So he thinks in terms of how does this work mixed with how could I use this space.

William is very spatial and kinetic, he's good at eying up a space and reacting quickly, it fits with the work he does.

Moist is all about emotionally and spatially, how can he come into this space and get the reaction he wants and disappear.

Will S. is more kinetic than spatial but they're closely tied for him. He's someone who's spent his time shifting in and out, hiding and as a thief.

Ivan reads a room emotionally and then spatially in a combination of his upbringing in the Barayarran court and being a soldier. He's good at knowing the person to talk to and where to hide against a wall.

Demeter is incredibly spatial, so much of her awareness comes through the ground and her connection to plants and all that grows.

Tumnus, I think is emotional with the others much smaller.
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Whenever YT encounters a new environment she thinks about it in terms of thrashing potential, i.e., how difficult/fun/challenging it would be to skateboard on. This is canonical!

Milliways, alas, does not really have any good skating territory, except kinda-sorta in the garage. But it has lots of other positive and redeeming qualities.