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Tuesday DE: Ouch!

Talk a little about the injuries your character sustained, and the scars they have.
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Ibani's medical history is like a laundry list of 'Bad things that can happen to the human body'. Burns, blaster fire, cut, stabbed, bitten, clawed, poisoned, lightsaber blades, broken bones, internal organ damage, and so many electrical shocks that she lost years ago.

As for scars, she has some from the various injuries, but the only one where I've decided on its location and appearance is the one under her left eye. It was originally letters and numbers that were cut there as a 'brand', but she added lines herself later with a knife to make something more aesthetic out of it after her first year or so on Korriban.
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Swamp Thing died two or three horrible deaths, and also gets abused by the forces of darkness regularly. I don't think he has any scars since plants are not like people, though.

Cyborg lost most of his body in an accident. I think that counts as a pretty big scar.

Poirot, OTOH, seems to have gone most of his career without sustaining any major injuries. Health problems, yes. Injuries and scars, no.
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Look on the bright side: could be worse for Cyborg.
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X has been vivisected and dismembered multiple times in childhood. And adulthood. And young adulthood. She had her claws removed, coated in adamantium, and re-implanted in her body without anaesthetic when she was 7. She was irradiated in a chamber at that same age until she was almost dead so her healing factor would activate. She has a lot of cross-hatched scars on her forearms from her attempts to self-soothe etc while she was a weapon in a box. X doesn't talk about those, and she wears long gloves to hide them. They're her only actual physical scars.

Ysalwen has loads of scars, from fire, acid, lightning, blades, arrows, etc. Most of them aren't on her face.

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sweet precious murder baby.
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You know it. *solemn*
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Ellen has several forearm scars from encounters with Wasteland wildlife before she could get full body armor and quite a few facial scars in various degrees of fading and healing that are due to helmets being in short supply in the Capital Waste. Also several notches in her left ear, a few burn scars from laser weapons, things like that, and a number of really unpleasant abdominal scars from when she was kidnapped by aliens. She's missing her appendix, four molars, both tonsils, several throat lymph nodes and her gall bladder, and for some reason the aliens installed an extra spleen while they were in there. There was also a fairly nasty scar along part of her forehead at one point that was due to a bad encounter in Point Lookout- Dogmeat fatally interrupted the guy with the knife before it could get worse than that- but that was removed at Milliways. The other scars are largely being allowed to fade with time and periodic stimpak use, but are still largely present.

Fawkes was infected with FEV, which has a whole set of stigmata best described as 'being a supermutant' for the majority of survivors. He's probably got other scars that have been picked up since then, but hell if he remembers any of them.

Stacker Pentecost has circuit lines burned into his skin from where he had to pilot Coyote Tango alone after his partner blacked out in the Drift.

Varric's got a broken nose, don't know where from, and probably has other scars he just doesn't talk about unless he's trying to use them to impress the ladies.

I don't recall seeing any scars on Santo when I watched his movies, so unless he's got a facial scar from before he put on the mask, as far as I'm concerned he doesn't have any.

Adrian Shephard is missing his right arm from the elbow down and has a silver, magically made and magically powered prosthesis in its place. I expect he probably has a few other scars here and there, but the arm tends to make the others a ltitle less noticeable.
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I don't think Emcee has any significant scars, except maybe a few on the soles of his feet from going barefoot on the streets as a tiny child. As for injuries sustained, he's been beaten and abused, in childhood and adulthood, by clients and strangers just looking to beat someone up. Getting shot was the worst of it, but thanks to Milliways he survived it with no physical scarring.

Pam is flawless. She would have had long scars up her forearms, but being turned into a vampire fixed that. I don't think she's had a very injury-filled life apart from silver and possibly a few sunlight burns. She's withstood torture with silver, but other than that, she avoids getting hurt as much as she can.

Floki has lots of battle scars. (THANKS, ROLLO.)

Like Pam, I don't think Cassidy has scars that have stuck. But from both the comics and the show, he's gone through everything like getting shot in the head, getting shot multiple times in general, having his limbs shot off, being set aflame by the sun, jumping from the Empire State Building and a plane at 30,000 feet and exploding. But he's fine! All of that hurt like hell, but he's fine.
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Well, Wilford did just get shot a bunch of times.

In canon, he gets killed a few different ways, but he always comes back because that's how his canon works. But when he started coming back as a character, I figured it's probably only a matter of time before he takes his shirt off in a video, so I wanted to have something to separate the character from reality, while still having a reason behind all those surgery scars.
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Sabine has to have some scars, despite wearing armor. I think a few might be burns from blasters, chemicals, or explosives. I can also see a lot of art related scaring; nicks from cutting pieces, burns from adhesives, etc.

Her deepest wounds, and truest scaring, is emotional, though. (Wee!)
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Barry - before the Particle Accelerator explosion Barry was a klutzy guy so he's had a few accidents falling down things, or off of things, or running into things. He was also picked on and beat up a lot.

After the explosion he was hit by lightning and spent 9 months in a coma. Since waking up and starting the superspeed thing he's broken his arm, had a couple of crashes (both car wreck and running related), and been clobbered by an army of metahuman clones. Coming new (hopefully today) he'll be poisoned! The trend doesn't get any better from here, but hey, no scars!

Matt - he's also just starting out and has had some mishaps, but without the benefit of metahuman regenerating powers he's got the scars to prove it.

Besides being blind which happened in an accident, Matt has a scar on his side from being stabbed, and one on his shoulder (also stabby related), one on his bicep (bullet graze this time!), and x-ray vision would reveal he's also had some cracked ribs along the way.

This is also a continuing trend (which gets infinitely worse) with him.

Charlie - Charlie was a boxer and is an idiot so he's had his ass handed to him A LOT. He's never had any serious injuries, so most of his is just wear and tear on the body. Cracked and healed ribs and knuckles, a bum shoulder, and the kind of head injuries that come with being punched in the face repeatedly and knocked around.

Logan - um... everything. He has had all of the things. Thumbs up for the healing factor leaving no scars though, amirite?

Hellboy - he's been put through the ringer a time or three as well, but he comes with a pretty sturdy constitution so he bounces back. He has some light scarring, but nothing like it should be considering what probably caused them.

Bill - was mauled, beat up with a shovel, tossed out a window, stabbed in the gut (this one left a scar) and exploded all in one night. Beyond that, he's got a few scars on his torso from an attempted premortem autopsy courtesy of the Kingdom Hospital Doctor, and a bullet wound on his side from being shot on-duty.

As a kid he broke his arm falling out of a tree, and he's had a few concussions, some football related, one caused by an old lady with a cast iron skillet.

I'm sure there are probably others I am forgetting. Bill is a trouble magnet and bad things tend to happen to him.
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sometimes i feel like i have too many characters to even start answering DEs, it's terrible. but here are a few

Lesgle, Mr. Bad Luck, has some minor pockmarks from childhood smallpox, and lots of miscellaneous scars from accidents. Things falling on his head, accidents chopping wood, getting slightly run over by omnibuses, falling out of trees as a kid, everything. None of it's very serious by itself but there are probably some good stories.

Harry Monmouth has plenty of scars from battle. Since he's not the historical Harry Monmouth he doesn't specifically have a huge scar from getting shot in the face at Shrewsbury, but he's got plenty of others.

William Douglas hasn't been in nearly as many actual battles as he'd like, but he's still picked up a few injuries training with swords and playing football and falling off horses. He's got a ding over one temple from a year ago, where his dad hit him with a bottle or a candlestick, and he's probably had some broken ribs from the same source.

Feuilly missed out on smallpox and doesn't have much significant scarring, but he'd probably be a couple inches taller if it weren't for a bit of prenatal malnutrition, childhood malnutrition. :/
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While Yamato gets roughed up pretty heavily in canon, including one particularly onesided fistfight with Taichi, and the absolute wringer that Alphamon puts him through that ends with him struggling to stand, he probably doesn't have any scars -- Digimon just isn't that kind of canon. As for Gabumon, while Digimon can't get permanently injured, one of his forms, WereGarurumon, has a whole bunch of scars -- except they're not really scars, just aesthetic markings on his texture.

Eden also doesn't have any scars: He hasn't had time to get any, and while Kingdom Hearts has shown characters acquiring scars before (soz, Braig), it too veers towards the lighter, fluffier, less likely to result in permanent scars side of things 80% of the time too.
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Chirrut should have a lot more scars than he does. A lot more scars, and if he lived in a universe without bacta, probably enough plating and screws holding previously broken bones together that he'd set off any metal detector in a fifty-mile radius.

Thankfully the temple's medical technicians were amazing.

After the temple fell he earned more scars, including the faded marks from blaster burns.
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Cadfael almost certainly has a few from his fighting days, but not where anybody can see them when he's fully clothed.

Athelstan has lots. His hands and feet are the ones that bother him most, in terms of residual pain and people being able to see them, but his back is a pretty bad mess as well.

Jonathan just has the one serious scar from being gut-stabbed, and for reasons of Andrew's feelings, he pretends it's not there most of the time.

Childermass in my headcanon has been whipped at least once for some infraction or other, and been in more than a few fights, so he's got scars. He's going to get another, on his face, but he's not there yet.

Michael got shot by a fallen angel with a Kalashnikov. As a result of this, his left leg is pretty much immobile and he walks with a cane at all times, and his left eye doesn't work so well either. And then there's the surgical scars from the doctors saving his life.

Gavroche has a scar running up into his hairline from the first gendarme bullet that failed to kill him, and one over his heart from the second bullet that didn't fail. And, like Feuilly, his growth was very stunted by childhood malnutrition on account of Madame not caring much whether he ate or not. He's only five foot, and not getting taller.
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Baze has been shot, stabbed, clawed, poisoned, and blown up. He regularly garners broken noses, bruises, cracked ribs, and formerly broken collarbones--mostly from sparring.

But, like Chirrut's answer above, Baze was lucky enough to live in a world with bacta and other handwavium, so he has relatively few actual scars.
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Let's see I'll start with the ones with the most and go from there.

Will S. is from the medieval era, been fighting most of his life and been tortured so his biggest scars are on his back from being whipped. He also has a thin scar on his cheek. Then it gets into various knife and sword scars, thanks to Milliways, he doesn't have as many as he might have but he's still my most scarred character.

Cassian is next because even though there's bacta, access to it hasn't always been great throughout his life. When he's working, Kay's his backup and what he can't carry with him, he doesn't have. I think most of his scars are from when he was younger and a few from blasters and vibraknives where he wasn't able to get them as fully healed as they could be. Also since he's worked around ships most of his life, there are small scars from being burned by electricity and little cuts, the kind of thing that he wouldn't even think of getting healed. I also see him as someone who hates being in the medbay so doesn't always wait long enough which provides a few more scars. At the moment, the main injury that continues to trouble him is the trembles left over from his torture.

Sameth still has scars from his run in with the necromancer, burns on the inside of his leg and his hands and then the rest of his scars aren't as noticeable. Magical healing in the Old Kingdom is very good.

William doesn't have any major scars but since he's from an era without great healing, he has lots of little ones from ranching and fights.

Quentin has a small scar on his shoulder from when he was shot but otherwise no. Magical healing is really helpful that way and magical medicine.

Charles' major scar is from where he was shot in Cuba and otherwise, a few small ones from climbing trees and living an active childhood.

Moist in my headcanon has some small scars like puppy bites from helping his uncle train the Lipgwigzers in Uberwald but otherwise nothing. Scars make you identifiable.

Demeter doesn't have any.

Ivan, I'd have to look in canon but I don't think he has any major ones since sci-fi health and he doesn't tend to get badly injured in canon.

Tumnus, I feel like he should have something from the time the White Witch held him but I don't know what.
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Fine, fine.

Eriond: n/a

Evelyn: has some scars on her face and other areas! These are mostly due to that time she accidentally lost control of some lightning in practice. She avoids it since, though she's got the basic down. There are probably others, burns especially (cold or hot) but nothing like that.

Lois: Probably broke an arm at some point. Or wrist, or something. Might be scarring. Might be a chicken pox scar or two.

R2-D2: has some dents that never quite get worked out, and a scratch here and there, I think at some point his rockets just get damaged, and carbon scoring even Luke can't quite get out after all the firefights he's seen. He's been taking apart a time or two, but while emotionally traumatic, eh, not so hard on the chassis or circuits.

Tavi: ahahaha oh god. (sorry for the giant spoiler brackets but I am preserving those whose enjoyment I do not wish to disturb. my canon is fun.) He had the general bumps and bruises of childhood, and of intense assassin training, but most things that can get attended to quickly enough don't scar, because Watercrafting(TM). He picked up some new ones at Third Calderon, despite a [SPOILERY DESCRIPTION of what is functionally a serious "This is a terrible idea and I don't want to but I need to, so hold my beer while I go save the goddamn world"]. Eventually he will have a major scar from [spoilery that time he gets run through and barely lives]. He got a lot of his small, pretty much just-all-over scars in the first three years with the First Aleran, not least because he just makes sure other people are seen to first unless his condition is Just That Bad. He has what are noticeably claw marks on an arm and probably elsewhere, plus way more noticeable scarring from weapons, from a time between books three and four when the Canim try to assassinate him. (They fail. Probably at reasonably high cost.)

Other than the claw marks, the most (and very) noticeable scar high on his cheek from where a Marat girl sliced open his face at Second Calderon, and it didn't get tended to fast enough to prevent scarring. He rubs it when thinking, sometimes. It's the one scar he actually is quite fond of and doesn't have a "really did I have to go through that" feeling about (though he claims such to her face). It's the first thing Kitai did upon meeting him! He treasures that scar. ... Lunatic.
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Sahaal has a lot of scars. As in, apart from his face, most of him is more scar tissue than skin. There is the large slash across his abdomen from where he got stabbed by an eldar corsair who wasn't as dead as he first thought. Both kneecaps have been blown out and fixed up. Most of his back is burn scarring due to an accident with a heavy flamer. Half a dozen small scars are dotted over his face from shrapnel and small grazes that didn't heal quite right. He's also got a massive puckered scar on his foot from when he cut it on a jagged spar of rebar as a child. The mass of tiny cuts on his right hand come from a misfiring bolt pistol that exploded when he was holding it. Lastly, the Legion tattoo on his right bicep is bisected by a scar he got from a Dark Angels sword in the Thramas Crusade.

There is a whole lot more, but those are the main/most memorable ones.