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Thursday DE

What’s a subject where once someone gets your character started, they’ll talk your ear off? What’s something they will almost never talk about without a lot of work?
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The Force.

Honestly, you should bring a snack, or something. He could go on all day.
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Ibani would love to have someone to go and on about the Force with! They should do this sometime.
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a) astronomy/astrophysics
b) anything else. Not truthfully, at least.

He will, however, snark, insinuate and mock until the cows come home.
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william: ugh dammit stop insinuating and mocking. and also that other thing.
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Jim: Of course darling, anything you say. :D
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William: .......................waaaait a minute i feel mocked for some reason
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Jim: you really are extremely paranoid. It's a character flaw, you should look into it.
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Emcee can talk about Marlene Dietrich forever. And the inequalities of societal power structures and the struggles within them. But mostly Marlene Dietrich. He refuses to be psychoanalyzed, that is, getting him to talk about his deeper motives and feelings is a lost cause because he will start lying and laughing and pretending there's nothing wrong with him.

Pam doesn't talk at length about anything except, if prompted, Eric and how awesome he is. She won't talk about her human childhood.

Floki is all about the gods, always the gods. And Helga, and ships, and Ragnar. He won't talk about how the voices in his head might be a form of mental illness and not the actual gods speaking to him, because that scares him.

Cassidy: everything. He will talk about everything. On the show he's had lengthy opinionated rants about the Coen brothers' movies and foreskins, so it's safe to say everything. EXCEPT his vampirism, unless he trusts you, and uh...his violent criminal record.
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nah the voices are definitely the gods
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especially the ones that say "i should give all my earthly possessions to loki and dedicate my entire life to his service. ps christians are a bunch of squares"
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Floki always listens to the best advice always
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feel free to disregard any voices telling you how cool thor is though
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It's not so much a talk-your-ear-off thing, but Loki will pretty much inevitably turn any serious conversation onto his favorite subject, i.e., himself. And all the things he's mad about, i.e., his family.

Just don't ask for an honest, complete, and internally consistent answer.
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Barry - He loves to ramble on about nerdy things, especially SCIENCE! He has a full-nerd-mode trigger and once it's engaged he can babble on for awhile. He's self-conscious about it, though, since in the past it's one of the things that generally turn people off of him. That and his obsession with the strange and impossible.

He's pretty open about most things, so getting him to talk is easy even if he can be awkward about it. The secret identity thing he's dodgy about not because he doesn't want to talk about it, because he can't.

The only thing he won't freely admit to are his feelings about Iris. He's happy to talk about her, but when it turns to the possibility that maybe there's something there he's quick to play the 'we're just friends' card.

Matt - Getting Matt to talk about anything is work. Like really, even in casual conversations which he can carry quite well, he reveals almost nothing about anything. And that's personal or subjective things. He's this puzzle box and even when you think you've made progress towards solving it you find a latch that proves you're actually nowhere near opening the damn thing.

Charlie - He likes to wax poetic about how life has screwed him. Talk about passing blame is something he can really get into. As for subject he'll talk long on that aren't complete bullshit, boxing and robots.

Things he won't talk about include his feelings, and things that are his fault.

Logan - Secretive and a non-talker. He's more likely to cut your ear off than gab it off.

Hellboy - Loves to talk about himself as an awesome fighter of monsters, and his adventures, and his cats. He's pretty much happy to share his opinions on everything.

He won't speak about what he is or where he came from, or the whole bringer of the apocalypse thing.
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Cassian doesn't talk easily about anything unless he's working. When he's in friendly, let me see if you could be useful mode, he'll find a connection and pursue it. In Milliways, its odd for him because he gets to be friendly but not cultivate assets though sometimes he is. I always see him as someone who is naturally friendly and curious but its been twisted into his work and in Milliways, he's getting to be that part of himself without the other aspect. In my headcanon, ships and flying are always solid starts for conversations and tend to lead into how the Empire makes everything harder. To actually get him to talk about himself is incredibly hard. In canon the only time we ever actually learn about him is when Jyn makes him so angry that he yells and she's the only one who could do that because they get to each other that much.

Charles loves to talk science especially genetics, ask him about mutation, he won't shut up. Talking about his own mutation and telepathy and how things are going at home are tough, the first because he's had so many negative reactions in Milliways and also he knows people are scared of what he can do.

Quentin will happily talk music, movies, food, Toby and his friends, himself that's much harder to get to his truths.

William will talk your ear off about books and horses without much prompting, about how he feels, good luck.

Sameth loves talking technology and making things, if you're crafting anything or magical theory, he won't shut up. On the other hand, he will never start a conversation that includes politics and the fact that oh yes, he's a prince.

Ivan is really good at small talk and I'd have to check canon for what sets him off, I think cars is something. He won't talk politics and his family unless he has to.

Will S. loves to talk about his home and won't stop, in terms of what he won't talk about, hm, being a Merry Man, the fight to save Nottingham. Its complicated for him because they won but it wasn't always an easy fight.

Demeter loves to talk about gardening, cooking and her daughter, her family she's slower to speak about and actually being a goddess.

Moist will talk about whatever you want to talk about and never mention himself.

Tumnus loves to talk about Narnia and the Pevensies, but will never bring up the Long Winter.
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See, Cassidy is almost the same as Cassian as far as friendliness and ulterior motives go. Because Cassidy is essentially a low-level con artist/professional freeloader whose personality makes people like him and trust him while he wheedles something out of them, usually money, a place to stay, etc.
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That makes a lot of sense. Sometime it would be hilarious to have the two of them out in a bar or cantina somewhere being charming and enjoying the time too.
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Oh, he's great at getting information out of people, too. He'd totally be up for that!
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We should definitely see about making this happen. My next plot thing for Cassian is him going undercover for a while as a low level bureaucrat which might bring up some fun chances. I don't know that he'd immediately think about bringing Cassidy because while he likes and kind of trusts him, he's also kind of unpredictable unless it just kind of happens. It would probably be easier to have Cassian in Cassidy's world.
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If Cassian mentions having to go undercover, Cassidy would want to help and would try to convince him that he needs his help. But Cassidy would be the worst tour guide in Annville because there's nothing there unless he wants to sit in on a sermon, lol.
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I'm about to write him an OOM and then having him come in during an undercover assignment, so let's see what might happen. This might also work as an OOM but we will make fun and chaos happen.
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You had them at Hello:
Mike, Aang, Bumi.

No seriously, just make eye contact and smile, and you'll be lucky if they stop to take a breath.

That said, All Three are less likely to talk about what's bothering them...if something is bothering them. Though I think Mike might be the worst of the lot when it comes to sharing personal negative emotions.

You can get Raph talking about motorcycles, weapons, martial arts, or baseball usually.
You can't get him to talk about his all. Usually.

Splinter, arguably my hardest character to play, isn't really much of a talker.
Unless you happen to be Sallie...or you ask him about His Stories.
He does like telling stories though, so I guess asking for a story would do it.
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For some of my others:

Feuiily canonically will not shut up about Poland, specifically how injustices in Poland's history reflect the worst injustices through all of history. Get him going about this topic, or anything else about justice and human rights, and the awkward stammering goes away and he's all passionate.

Lesgle never shuts up, but if you really want him to go on, ask him about his friends. (They're amazing! The best! Seriously have you met these people?) There's...really very little he won't talk about, though if he's not comfortable with a subject he gets extra circumlocutory.

Djehuty would like to tell you the good news about ma'at. And math and calendars and astronomy and languages. And also gardening. In Milliways he doesn't have much of the Divine Secretiveness thing that he maintains when he's at home/at work, because that's kind of a professional thing. If people from his universe were here, he'd be much more silent and reclusive.

William is really easy to get talking about anything he knows about. He doesn't know about much, but Ask Him About Running Around Being A Feelingsy But Not Especially Profound Rich Athletic Nobleman.
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Baze is super cheery and talkative! He'll tell you all about his gun, and Chirrut--especially Chirrut--and about how he used to be a Guardian for the Temple of the Kyber, and what kyber crystals even are and how they're connected to the Force, and what the Force is.

Baze is very good at talking around painful things, compartmentalizing the hell out of them and shunting them over there while his gums are flapping. He's less likely but still somewhat open about how his Guardianship was twenty years ago and he lost his faith, and he's even less likely to talk about how NiJedha was desecrated by the Empire and subsequently destroyed, but he uses enough past tense when he speaks to hint at both things. Overall, he enjoys conversation and learning about other people.
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Random: I found this image and thought this is so Milliways Baze, it's too perfect.
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Bwah, that is perfect! He and Chirrut are going to grow sapir tea plants once they get around to researching what goes into it! Thanks for sharing the image.
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I forgot to add that while he'll mention the Force in connection to the kyber and explain what the Force is, Baze won't go on about it at length--unlike Chirrut. Baze did lose his faith, and only recently regained it, so it's easily wounded. He feels guilty for hurting Chirrut with Baze's disbelief for so many years, so he doesn't feel he deserves to talk about the Force much.
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Bahorel will just talk endlessly about anything. If he knows anything at all about the topic, that is a bonus! But in no way necessary. But he especially won't shut up about art or politics or his friends. (But then, what isn't art or politics, right? He will explain this if asked! Or if not asked!) As for how to shut him up, if you figure it out, there's probably people who'd pay you for the knowledge. (There's a lot he won't talk about usefully, mostly of the Revolutionary Business sort of thing, but he'll still talk in circles about the general idea. )

Joly would like to talk about Science! Or his friends! Or cats! Or ...other kinds of Science! Also are you feeling well, do you need to sit down, have you had a physical lately? People can die at any moment, don't make him explain how, because he will. He's not a very guarded person, but also he'd rather not talk about Emotional Turmoil, thanks, why talk about it if you could just...not do that?

Steven is happy to talk about nearly anything! He's all of twelve, though, and right now the things taking up All The Attention change daily, if not hourly. It's hard to get him talking about his mother much, though, mostly because he doesn't really know what he wants to say.

Gringoire will happily talk about himself, architecture, his philosophy, how No One Appreciates Art, art (that no one appreciates) and his goat. Do Not Ask About His Wife.
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Sahaal would talk for hours about psychological warfare and psychology, since they are kind of his day job. Plus, some of his war stories.

On the other side of the coin, there's some of his experiences he will not talk about, especially the Thramas Crusade. There's a lot of bad memories there.
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