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Wednesday DE: Memento

Does your character keep some special object that their faith, destiny or goal can be focused on? It doesn't have to be religious, it could be deeply personal (in our pre-Millicanon, Galen keeping Jyn's toy stormtrooper) or a reminder of revenge (in the movie of LotR, Aragorn taking and wearing Boromir's glove). Keepsakes from lovers and statues of gods are of course a possibility, as well.

This daily entertainment post was inspired by the cuddly toy Bastet from the British Musuem which my actual living cats are now revering.
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The closest I can suggest for Jim is Carl Power's trainers. He held on to those things for twenty years, just to use them in a game to introduce himself to Sherlock.

He took them in the first place to hide any hint that Carl was murdered, but Sherlock was the only person to notice. Jim didn't have to keep them, and there's no other hint in canon that he collected souvenirs from his victims/jobs. Just that one, because it was what made Sherlock pay attention, and started him towards being a detective. So, yeah, those trainers carried a lot of obsession with them. They'd have to, given he hung onto them all through Sherlock's 'useless junkie' phase, and waited for him to come out the other side.
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Wilford keeps trophies. When there's someone who pisses him off to the point that he'll specifically target them as the focus of his life-destroying efforts, he'll keep something from the investigation. He doesn't keep them from the incedental stuff though. If someone's life gets destroyed in the course of Wilford just doing his job, he doesn't care as much. It's good for ratings, and good ratings give him pull with the network.
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Ahsoka: Her sabers. Losing them in the process of losing her place in the Irder was *hard*. And then getting them back from her master was glorious and felt so right. Too bad she had to give them up again so soon after. Building a new set was a nice way to show her moving on in canon.

Sabine: Her armor. It was forged with her family and the Mando'a word for armor literally means second skin. Also her colors.
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Chirrut has three, only two of which I've seen in the movie - his lightbow, which he made, his staff (which he didn't)... and evidently he wears a pendant shaped like a starbird, from the temple... whiiich I can't actually find a picture of him wearing.

Also, Rogue One is on Netflix YAY!
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What about Chirrut's robes? He's kept those intact going on twenty years.
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This is true! His robes too. ... Good luck getting him to abandon those.
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Eric - pretty much jeopardizes all of vampire existence to get his father's crown back and extract revenge on the one jo took it.

Then he puts it on a cluttered shelf in his office at Fangtasia.
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Nooope, Baze doesn't keep anything like that! When he abandoned his faith, he also abandoned all trappings of it, including his staff, his lightbow, and his robes. However, his armor is red, like a Guardian's robes should be, so there's that.