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Musical Monday DE

Yesterday I heard a not so love song I associate with one of my pups which inspired me.

Give us a love song for your pup. Love comes in many forms so don't think you are limited to romantic love. :)
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I know I've posted it before, but Selfish is such a Hal song: I want to win more than I want to play, want you to love me more than I want to stay, gonna put my name on everything that's mine, I know I'm selfish but thank god I'm not blind.

And Battle of Otterburn is so very much about the generations-long UST between the Percys and the Douglases: Had we two been upon the green, no other eye to see, I would have had you flesh and fell, now your pennon shall go with me. Now I'll go up to Otterburn, there I'll wait for thee, if you come not ere three day's end a false knight I'll call thee.
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One of us made a short, embarrassing Hera/Kanan playlist, but the highlights are Of Monsters and Men's King and Lionheart, and Delta Rae's Outlaws.
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Parachute for me is such a Cassian and Jyn song. A lot of that is because of this Leverage fanvid.

This is for a pup I don't play anymore but there's a fanvid of Tom and Jane to Once Upon a December that perfectly captures the feel of them.

I need to think on the others because while there's music I connect with characters, I can't always remember it.
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Lois and Tavi are the only two I ever constructed playlists for, and one of those got pretty solidly eaten (Lois'). Actually, that was even Smallville!Lois, so this could get interesting.

- No so much Lois loving someone as what it means to love Lois, and also basically the theme song I 100% use for her, like, every time: Modern Woman by Billy Joel.
- Lois' demands in a partner: 21 Things I Want in a Lover by Alanis Morrisette.
- Because how can I not, and teen!Lois totally feels this way about her city and, well: Metropolis by Owl City

- Tavi and Isana and their loving but mildly broken relationship, over any number of years: Family Affair by Abra Moore
- Tavi and Kitai, the hormones-and-soul-bond version: Just Here to the Left of You by Adam Pascal
- Tavi's endless love for the future he wants to build: World by Five for Fighting
- and it might not apply but this is one I throw basically at any playlist thing related to Codex Alera, but I do fully justify it as also containing the complex relationship between the House of Gaius and Alera: The Voice by Celtic Woman
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Oh man, I haven't listened to "Modern Woman" since, like, high school. Those lyrics are so on point in such an '80s way.
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It was even more on point for Smallville!Lois, who has a huge thing for '80s music canonically--and White Snake in particular, not even kidding, god help me--but either way, the song is still incredibly Lois, loving her--and also very Clark/Lois, considering his personality.
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Yamato already has a canonical love song -- one which he wrote and sang in-universe (and out of universe is sung by his voice actor): Boku ni Totte, (translated lyrics here) a song about losing a loved one (although not so much in a romantic sense, since the song refers equally to Gabumon and Taichi).

It is, rather fittingly, the ending theme for episodes nine to thirteen of Tri, which Yamato's going through right now.

There's also Run With The Wind, an instrumental track that ties in heavily to both his love for Takeru and for Gabumon, being a variant on the harmonica song Yamato plays to put his brother to sleep in 01.

Hawke: To be honest, no matter who Hawke is romancing, Love Song by Sara Bareilles is probably a solid pick, as is One Week by the Bare Naked Ladies.

Eden: As far as romance goes, I don't think any kind of romance could survive contact with Eden's personality -- he's way too child-like for that. He also doesn't really feel love for anyone.

He is keen on fighting people, though, and currently this is probably the music du jour for when I'm writing him hitting Heartless and stuff.

aberration: Korra and Asami walk together toward the Spirit Portal. (I'll bring you to your birthright)

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Will and Hannibal: "The Chain" – Fleetwood Mac; "Fantasy Man" – The Swell Season; "Maker of My Sorrow" – Eliza Rickman; "What Kind of Man" – Florence + the Machine (nsfw video)

and Molly: "Five Hundred Miles"

and Alana: "Heavy In Your Arms" – Florence + the Machine

and Beverly: "Thistle and Weeds" – Mumford and Sons

(not Will, but for Alana/Margot I like "Monsters" by Forest City Lovers)

Asami and Korra: "Never Look Away" – Vienna Tang

Abigail and Everyone: "I Will Never Die" – Delta Rae
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That is an amazing pick of songs which I will have to add to my Hannibal playlist once I'm back at a proper computer which runs Spotify.
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Emcee: Bad Romance by Lady Gaga, because of course.

Pam: I Gave You All by Mumford & Sons, not because it was the first thing that popped into my head, but because this is a really good fanvid about Pam's devotion to Eric and their relationship and it got me all emotional.

Cassidy: every Pogues song about love, but I'll give you Old Shoes (& Picture Postcards), a Tom Waits cover by the Mickey Finns instead. Love is about saying goodbye, because Cassidy always outlives everyone he loves. I think it's a song he'd actually like. There's a verse in the original that goes - by morning, I'm sure to be gone / For I'm older than you and you know so well / That our time for to love was a song

Floki: I'm just going to say Hopelessly Devoted to You by Olivia Newton John for the way he feels about Ragnar >_>
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X-23: Love Knows How to Fight by M. Craft, because it's a lesson that she learned and sort of built into the core of herself. She loves, man, both in specific and in general. And she's here for you.

X/Bruce: One of those days by Hera. The last verse is the important one, I'm just saying.

Ysalwen: Her song with Zevran is basically this one, Everlasting Light by the Black Keys. They lift each other up, and make each other try to be a better person. Plus you know the sound of this is totally Zevran. Completely and utterly.

Flemeth: Uh, her love is pretty much The Queen's Rebuke by The Decemberists. She's vengeance and she's coming for you. Even if she loves you.

Wonder Woman: You've Got the Love by Florence + the Machine, because that's basically what she does. She loves, and that really inspires people to be their best self.

Raven: Pretty much he's Amen Omen by Ben Harper. It's how he feels about being what he is and always moving forward and leaving everyone he loves behind. Or rather, they leave him behind, because death is a doorway. And because I can, his purposeful love is Willing To Fight by Ani DiFranco.
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For Sherlock, The Sound of Pulling Heaven Down by Blue October. (For Jim and Sherlock, there's a playlist, because of course there is.)

For Steve, the Mountain Goats's Sax Rohmer #1. For Steve and Bucky, I And Love And You by the Avett Brothers (AKA "Brooklyn, Brooklyn take me in")

I don't have anything for Dirk Gently yet, but I would bet if he did fall in love his song would be something very sweet like Oh by the Dave Matthews Band.

I also think Sit Down by James would suit a lot of patrons, with its theme of "If you're a misfit, let's be misfits together."

All links to Spotify.
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