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Thursday DE: After Life

Inspired by yesterday's DE!

There's a really neat, lovely movie called After Life. It's a huge favorite of mine. The central premise is that when you die you go for a week to a waystation where a team will interview you and help you select a single memory to take with you to the next place. (Will you exist in that memory forever, as your afterlife? That seems like the implication, but it's not clear. The people working in the waystation don't entirely know what happens themselves. They make a short film of the movie for you to watch, and then you vanish.)

So: your character has just died (or died again, given Milliways). There are some kindly social workers asking them to select a single memory to retain for the afterlife. What do they pick?
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I love this idea/topic, and it's reminding me of an old movie whose name I can't remember. It was technicolor, so likely from the late 40s or 50s, and featured a guy who was trying to convince a benevolent Devil that he deserved to be in Hell.

Ahsoka has a lot of memories to chose from, but I think I will go with one that was never published. It would've been in season 06 or 07, and takes place right before the opening to Revenge of the Sith and the Siege of Mandalore. Anakin gives Ahsoka half the 501st to command, returns her lightsabers, and tells her he is proud of her.

Touji would chose the first time Harutora accepted him after Touji had given into the Oni rage and beaten Harutora. (this was a year or so before canon). Harutora does punch him back, since the oni is bound by this time, but the acceptance is worth the lumps.

Izana would chose the moment a certain person made their feelings known. This would either be when said person is the first one to touch Izana's new cybernetic limb or later in canon when the person makes their feelings clear. (Vague answer is vague.)

Hank...the wind tunnel, before Erik arrived. Always the wind tunnel.
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Actually, my answer for Ahsoka has been bugging me and while it's a good one, not everything is about Anakin. (Sorry, master)

As another possibility, the look of surprised hope in Kaeden's eyes when Ahsoka comes to rescue her in the Ahsoka novel. Kaeden was captured by the Empire and was pretty convinced no one would or could come to save her, just like the galaxy at large.
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The memory of the moments before death itself. When Jim knew Sherlock was an equal, and could let go of life for good. It's the closest he's ever been to happy.
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Emcee: performing at the Kit Kat Klub with all his boys and girls in front of a drunken but adoring audience.

Floki: marrying Helga.

Pam: her first night as a vampire with Eric by her side.

Cassidy: ...okay, so, he's lived a pretty shitty, superficial life and has been terrible to people along the way (thus making mostly bad memories), but I'm gonna say just being with Jesse and Tulip because for once he's trying to stick by them and not be terrible. So he'd feel good about that.
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For Sahaal, it would be when he first found Milliways, because that changed his life for the better so much.

Sevatar's would be the night he rode a starfighter through a full-on naval battle, because even centuries later, it's still the most he's ever felt alive.

For Artyom, the night he first had sex with Anna, which was also the first time he fell in love.
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Great question! I have no idea!

Obviously the memory will have something to do with Chirrut. Maybe buolding their lightbows together, or the first time they met, or the tentacle story. Something that demonstrates how much fun Baze had over his lifetime (and afterlife, in Milliways) and shows how deeply he loved and was loved by his friend.