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So You Want to Call Security

Hi all! This is your resident Head of Security, and I'd like to make a request/clarify how to call for Security's presence in a thread or in general.

Please remember to communicate with all parties involved BEFORE asking for/summoning Security! We tend to assume that if people are getting in touch with us, all of the people involved in the interference are cool with Security coming in and have ideas about what will and will not happen! A handful of times this has happened to not be the case, and that can cause stress and frustration, as well as confusion on everyone's parts, so. Clarification!

If talking to the other muns in a situation is a problem, please talk to the game mods before summoning Security as a means of dealing with OOC conflict. That is generally not our job.


And if you have any questions, hit me up, here or in DMs.

Edit: If all Security muns could subscribe to notifications/alerts to this thread, when someone leaves a comment requesting Security there, we will all get notifications!

Backroom posts are also okay, but a lot of that depends on who is around and checking the bar, so this post at ways_office will hopefully be a more centralized location from which to coordinate this kind of thing.

Second edit: Now that I am comm admin for ways_office, I will keep an updated list of Security personnel and journal names on the info page! For when you don't know who is on Security and you don't know where else to find it!
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In terms of how to contact Security, if you don't have a specific security character in mind, what's best? A post in the back room saying "heyo this thread is steering towards something, is there a Security pup available?"
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you are AWESOME
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I try! *hopes this new method will end up helpful!*
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Is there an updated list of who is on actively on security?
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Securitying like a boss.
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All I can see is that Inception vid with Cobb to that song. <3
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My understanding is that if one is doing something to someone else's pup that warrants the calling of Security, or entering into a situation in which their pup would call Security, they should be communicating anyway.

For example:

Pup A and Pup B get into a fight. Pup A is about to hit Pup B. By the rules of godmodding, Mun A should be communicating with Mun B anyway to say 'May I have A punch B?'.

If Pup B is the sort of person who would call Security (I.e. they are of a nervous disposition like Guppy), then the answer to that question would be 'Sure, but pup B would call Security, so if you're cool with that then go ahead'.

Same principle for emotional/threatened/other violence etc. Such threads require a level of trust between players, as well as everyone (to use a brilliant phrase of yours that I have stolen) to have their adult pants on....

Aside from anything else, it's much more fun when you know what everyone is doing. Much the same as if you have a medic thread, it's best to communicate with the medic mun to know what sort of disease/treatment you want.
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All of this (and adding to the kudos to teh Security team). It is easy to make mistakes though. I recently did this in not expressing how weird and uncomfortable I was getting with things until it blew up. Early communicate is important, even if it's just "I'm worried we're heading this direction and I don't think I can go much farther."
Edited 2017-08-03 20:41 (UTC)
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Oh absolutely. You don't know what each individual person's buttons or triggers or bugbears are and things will sometimes go wrong. But yes, mostly I meant communicate before it gets to the Security stage. It won't spoil a good scrap, indeed if you really want your pups to pummel one another, much better to know what the other player wants too.
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Oh very true! And sorry I read things a little differently than you intended. = ]
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No need to apologise, this is an important discussion, I may have phrased it badly, and I am wearing my adult pants :)
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This is the philosophy I try to run all my threads by. Sometimes I fail, but I try!

Communication is so key to collaborative threading, esp when things get tense IC.
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Same here. We're not going to get it right all the time.
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Molly: *slides a milkshake along the bar to X*
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X: *slides it back because of that one time X5-494 drugged her via milkshake, but says thank you!*
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a) <3333

b) I have tracked the post in question!
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I really hope this new method works and makes things simpler for people! We'll see!
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Excellent! I belled the post and am glad about the IC T-Minus thing; that way, getting assistance will be smoother and more to the point.
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Thank you for belling!

I hope this new way of contacting Security-at-large helps make things easier! If not, any other suggestions will be welcome, always. Threading should be fun.