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Friday DE

 We made it to the end of another week. Go us!

When is your pup most active during the day? Are they a morning person that just can't sleep in? Do they stay up late at night, relishing being one of the few still awake?
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Rose would like to be a morning person, but she's usually so exhausted from her body being up all night that she can't be.

Tess is definitely a night person, though she is up at the crack of dawn.

For Sikozu ans Kylo, they spend their time in space so there really isn't a concept of day or night unless they're on a planet somewhere and that's always temporary.

And with that I'm off for the weekend! Have lots of fun without me!
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Sahaal is definitely a night person. If he could get away with it, he'd only come out at night.

Sevatar is active whenever he needs to be, but his preference is towards being more active at night.

Artyom grew up in the Moscow Metro, so day and night are abstract concepts to him.
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Baze is totally a morning person. He'd wake up just before the temple bells, so he could hear them ring. He's one of those annoying people who wake up thoroughly cheerful, regardless of how late he stays up at night. Conversely, he can also stay awake at night, though not for too many evenings in a row. Man needs his beauty sleep.
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Feuilly is used to getting up at or before dawn for work. Nowadays in Milliways he's a terrible spoiled luxurious slob who sleeps in till like...six-thirty or seven. Some days he even stays in bed after seven, the lazy reprobate.
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Jim just stays awake until he's tired, and then sleeps. He doesn't really care what time of day or night that is. He falls into a more normal rhythm when Sherlock's around for an extended period, but they spend most of their time in bed anyway. When his brain chemistry is, uh, more severely unbalanced, sleeping at all is a problem because he keeps waking himself up after short naps. When he's chill and in a rhythm, he'll generally be in bed by 2am, and up around 7am.

Tl;dr - he's mentally active pretty much all the time, but a lot depends on how he's feeling and what's going on. He doesn't bother classifying himself as a day or night person.
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Eric is a vampire.

Elrond tends to withdraw at a sensible hour and reemerge to greet the dawn.
Sometimes he reads in his room.
Sometimes he just lies in his bed with one hand where Celebrian ought to rest.
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Barry is kind of notorious for oversleeping, it's one of the ways he can have superspeed and still be late everywhere. He usually wakes up in a rush, but that said, he's still a very cheerful morning person who stays up late when the superhero gig calls for it.

Playing the lawyer by day, vigilante by night game Matt just doesn't sleep ever. Or he does, but it's generally in the few hours between two and six AM. And even when the mornings greet him with the aches and pains of beating people up all night he's still generally well-kempt and composed by the time he's made it into the office.

Charlie doesn't do mornings. Most days find him up whenever the hangover's faded.

Logan is Logan, meaning he's a grumpy old man all the day and night long and he will run himself as early/late/long as necessary. On the rare occasions when things aren't going to shit he does like early morning sunrises and late nights carousing.

Hellboy lives in an underground secret base so time of day doesn't always mean much to him. He's up and about when he damn well feels like it, or when a mission calls for it.
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Floki is a morning person and often wakes up to work on important projects before breakfast.

Emcee, Pam, and Cassidy are all nocturnal creatures of varying degrees. Emcee out of habit (and preference, really), as his nightclub lifestyle favors the evening shift; Pam because her biology requires it; and Cassidy because he's a lazy shit, though he adjusts his sleep patterns to fit in with humans. He can get kind of cranky if he has to be up too early during the day.
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Quentin sleeps as long as he can, Fae are nocturnal but its a running thing in the books how it takes him a while to wake up.

Cassian doesn't tend to sleep well but he knows he needs to sleep when he can. So he tends to be up in the morning and rest when he can, I have this headcanon that he sleeps better resting on Kay or in a ship because he has more control there. He sleeps the worst in medbays or infirmaries.

Charles is an early riser but he enjoys being in bed and listening to the mansion wake up.

Sameth has awful sleep habits as he tends to work and get too deep into his projects and suddenly its morning. Then he sleeps in too late.

William's never been able to sleep in and he's a light sleeper as he's always listening for Mark's breathing. He's an early riser because that's what running the ranch requires.

Ivan can get up early, he's trained in it but he'd rather sleep in later.

Moist would prefer to get up when he wants to but leaving early in the morning sometimes needs to happen. And there is something about riding down an empty road in the morning.

Will S. is used to getting up early but he does like sleeping in when he can though its not easy for him. He's so used to getting up with the sun.

Demeter loves rising in the morning to see how everything's growing.

Tumnus isn't an early riser, he likes to read by the fire and that's better done late.

Considering how bad I am at mornings, I have a lot of pups who enjoy them.