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Monday DE

 Sorry I'm so late today...long weekend of moving and ended up tweaking my back a little.

So AU week has been announced. Any plans you're willing to share? Have an idea you need help fleshing out? Need an idea? Tag in and we'll do you best!

Alternately, what are some AU's you enjoy?
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I've always been a fan of fusion AUs. One of my most successful fics ever was a fusion between Thor and Jurassic World, and it was by far the most fun one to write. Taking characters from one canon and making them fit into the world of another is endlessly fascinating to me. It does all come with a caveat though. I'm not so much into the ones where Cast A gets placed into the roles of Cast B. That's the point at which you lose a lot of important characterisation, I feel like, and tend to nope out of those ones pretty fast.
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Last night, I did a write up of Cassian's Leverage AU background. In terms of my other pups, I don't have any major ideas for them. Last year I enjoyed Pacific Rim Sameth.

Being in the Rogue One fandom has reminded me how good an AU can be as they're a great way to have more time with the characters. Some of them can be sort of silly and others powerful.

I hope your back isn't too badly hurt.
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I still love my AU older!Emcee, though I'm thinking of what Emcee would be like as a thoroughly modern party boy without the tragic backstory. Also, a long time ago, I thought of a supernatural Cabaret where all its denizens were vampires, witches, werewolves, etc. hiding from humans and a totalitarian regime. Of course Emcee would be a vampire.
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Ooh, but I think the LGBT movement was different in Germany at the time, but now that's given me the idea of him growing up in East Germany when the wall comes down.
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I need (well, would like) some guy who is not going AU to have a brief fling with AU version YT and then meet her when (relative) normalcy returns for LOTS OF AWKWARD.

Any takers?
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How old will YT be? Because I have this trash reprobate here that I can lend you.
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17. And a trash reprobate sounds perfect. XD.
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PM me whenever if you have any questions or want to hash things out!
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Sure! I will get back to you during or around AU Week.
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Okay. YT's bartending post is up:

If you can't tag tonight then later in the week is fine.
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Chirrut mun and I have been working on a ~secret~ AU with Ibani mun, where the Empire never existed, and the boys--still Guardians--met Ibani in Milliways while she was a child slave and adopted her. It's been a ton of fun so far!
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[personal profile] sunbaked_baker 2017-08-07 08:17 pm (UTC)(link)
I can't wait to read it!

I thought of y'all when I saw this on tumblr this morning. Merfolk!AU Chirrut and Baze, being silly.
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Bahahaha, fish face! That's priceless. I love the mer!Chirrut AU.

Thanks for looking forward to our AU! There's a lot to read.
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I'm wondering what sort of AU to do with Rae. Adult!Rae is still bound up in plotness, but AU!Rae would be a lot of fun to play, but I'm not sure whether to go with the Raven Blaise AU I went with last time (which I very much enjoyed) or branch out and try something different. There are so many canons that feature clashes between Light and Darkness that she could slide right into with little trouble, I don't know which to pick.

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I suggested this for Eden earlier, but have you considered a Star Wars AU? Rae could be a padawan struggling with the dark side of the Force, perhaps.
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[personal profile] sunbaked_baker 2017-08-07 10:59 pm (UTC)(link)
*ponders* Oh dear oh dear, a Light-side Force-user, lost/abandoned/whathaveyou in the middle of her young years of training (possibly when all the shit went down with Anakin?), growing up trying to hide her ability while also trying to teach herself and help save the Galaxy with her secret ally from the Dark side?

It's pretty much a direct translation of Rae's canon. Hrmmm.
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She can even have her grandmother disappear!
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Late, but my horrible brain just thought up an interesting possibility:

I could bring in Amascut as one of the Gods of Destruction from the Dragon Ball Super multiverse.

In this AU, she earned the title Devourer not from eating people's souls, but because, like Beerus of universe 7, she has a habit of eating all the finest food on a planet before judging whether or not to turn it into an asteroid field.

Oh dear.