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Tuesday DE

Inspired by the spike of exercise I am getting in the next week of my life:

What is your character's favorite physical-oriented hobby*, and how often do they get to do it? How did they start? Why do they like it? Is it useful to them in other parts of their life?

Bonus: what about you?

*: It doesn't have to be Exercise(TM) strenuous or intended to be fitness. Just whatever gets the body moving!
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I didn't really sleep last night and will pay for it later today. For me walking is probably my favorite, in college I took dance and loved it and would love to get back into some kind of movement.

Cassian always feels better after a few rounds with the heavy bag, he enjoys sparring but doesn't always get a chance. I think he also gets something from when he's walking in city streets, he's alert but there's a puzzle in how to get out.

Quentin is learning how to sword fight and that kind of practice is useful and enjoyable for him. He also walks around San Francisco.

A few of mine, physical activity is built into their lives so they wouldn't think of it as something they do.

William spends all his time on horses but he still enjoys it.

Sameth spars, enjoys riding and his forge work satisfies him and keeps him toned.

Will S. is another fighter who also lives in a physical time and does what's needed around Locksley.

Ivan exercises and spars to keep fit for being a soldier and seems to enjoy it.

Moist gets an adrenaline rush from getting away and riding.

I'm not sure about Demeter or Tumnus.
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Wilford likes to box. Mostly it's just a hobby, but there have been times when using these skills in back-alley fight clubs have enabled him to eat for the week. He also likes to dance, though it's not something he ever really gets the opportunity to do these days. Partially because it hinders his macho tough guy look, and partially because swing clubs have pretty much gone out of style for anyone under 80.

For me, I don't really do a whole lot. I have the physical exertion levels of a mushroom, but chronic pain will do that to you.
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YT's is skateboarding, duh. She's been doing it since she was nine or ten. Professionally, since age 14. She has a thrill-seeking personality and a rebellious streak so it's perfect for her.
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Sahaal runs every single day, without fail. It's been something he's done since basic training, and it's kind of just part of his routine at this point.

As for me, I hate driving, so I walk everywhere. Apart from that, I don't do much physical exercise.
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Eric: sex. And fighting.

Elrond: swimming, riding, that sort of thing.

Me: Pilates and yoga back when I had the time. I bike to work in summer (20 km roundtrip) and we often go for long walks during the weekend.
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Sparring, and staff forms, definitely. Back in NiJedha, Baze walked everywhere, and did a bunch of parkour carrying heavy armor and weapons, which is how he messed up his poor knees.

As for me and my house, we are the Pirates That Don't Do Anything.
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Emcee: sex and dancing. Unfortunately there are no more all-night orgies or nightly performances to keep him active all the time, so he tends to get indolent before the restlessness builds up and he needs to get moving again.

Floki: battle! And at certain points building things is quite strenuous work. Other than that he doesn't spar or train because he's just weird.

Pam: shoe shopping.

Cassidy: is a lazy shite.

Me: ditto.
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Huh, my bunch is so violent. *laughs* I'm so sad I don't have my full slot of icons on this journal for the gym one. XD

Barry: Guess. XD Although he wasn't always a runner (Joe's description of Barry pre-lightning strike is the best: "He waddles, like a slow-ass duck."). It's basically become his life now and he does it every chance he gets.

He also likes to play basketball, mostly only with Joe which is mostly the reason he likes it; spending time with Joe. They haven't played in a long while, though, since before the coma so they're probably due.

He's also secretly an amazing dancer, something he likes because of musicals, which he likes because of the times he spent watching them with his mom. Just like singing he does it never, but if one watches him close enough they can see tiny moves built into his motions; a turn around with a bit of style, a shuffle that could be a tap, and of course his stops when he speeds on scene.

Matt: Beating up criminals with his bare hands, something he does pretty much every night. He started not too long ago when he finally got fed up with listening to all the terrible things going on around him in Hell's Kitchen. Why he likes it is complicated, and he doesn't get to use it a whole lot without the mask on.

He also likes boxing and hitting the heavy bag because it reminds him of his dad.

Also, sex, which he does less since starting the vigilantism, but it's still up there on the list.

Charlie: Is a slob these days, but he still likes hitting the heavy bag and maybe even shadowboxing a bit, and once in a great while Bailey can get him into a sparring session, but mostly only when he thinks it'll lead to a 'roll in the hay'. He started boxing when he was a young dumb kid, and it turned into a way to mostly keep him out of trouble. These days throwing a lefthook can get him out of jam, but mostly he just gets his ass kicked.

Logan: Fighting, with anyone, friend or foe. He's been doing it forever and (much to many people's disapproval) he does it all the time. He also likes to wander. Picking a direction and just walking it.

Hellboy: Hellboy loves to throw his weight around, whether that's hitting things, or throwing them, lugging them around or just breaking them. Again he's done it forever, and he does it all the time. It's cathartic, and it's also just fun.

As for me, while I'm mostly a lazy bum who's primary sins are sloth and gluttony, I love the great outdoors. Camping, fishing, hiking and adventure. Preferred habitat is the forest, but I'll wander a dessert mesa or canyon, too. I also like to throw around footballs (American, natch), and playing a game of HORSE.