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Thursday DE

In honor of me learning that “spin class” is NOT a bunch of people spinning around in circles...what’s something your character is convinced is true that you know they’re really super wrong about? Is it a plotty Dramatic Irony kind of thing, a worldview, just a silly quirk?
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This one is really trivial, but William Douglas still hasn't figured out that he and Milliways Hotspur aren't from the same world. Even though a very minor comparison of chronology and history would make it clear. It just hasn't come up, and he's since added even more to his mental legend that Harry Percy was Super Best Frenemies Forever with his uncle and it was so epic and beautiful. and possibly romantic and sexy he's never going to ask about that but he ships it

(Obviously he also has a TON of worldview stuff that's messed up or just inaccurate, what with being from the 15th century.)
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Tarine tea is the worst. Yes, it's a matter of opinion and personal taste, but the beverage isn't really the helldrink Baze makes it out to be. He just hates it because that's all they had to drink for years.
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I really like this topic. Alas, I am not getting any answers for it.
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Sherlock thinks he only has one sibling. And that he once owned a dog.
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Until quite recently YT was convinced that the best way to get what you wanted in most social interactions was to be totally aggro.
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Jim is still convinced the 'hate' he feels for Sherlock is genuine, even with all the other things he feels for Sherlock. He's right about the other things, but not the hate.

Also, he'll never not be convinced everyone else in the universe is stupid, but that's no surprise to anyone.

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The only one I've been able to think of is horribly depressing with Cassian and how he sees himself. He just doesn't consider himself someone worth knowing or a good representation of what the Rebellion does. I blame Draven and oddly Cassian's incredibly solid moral core that goes, I do horrible things for a good reason. Of course it makes sense that my best friend is a blunt reprogrammed droid and that he keeps himself socially on the edges of things.

I have a fic I keep meaning to write of the older voices of the Alliance and some of their perceptions of him and his generation of the Rebellion-Mon Mothma, Bail Organa, Rex, Merrick.

I really like this question and wish I could think of something happier but depressing meta is what I have.
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