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Thursday DE

Your character has been suddenly placed in charge of developing and running a restaurant. What kind of food is it, what’s the ambiance?
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I'm having a hard time picturing Ahsoka running a restaurant to be honest. Although I can see it being a very good cover during the Rebels era. I think it'd be a place with simple food but complex sauces.

Sabine would run a caf joint, something very much like the espresso cafes in our world.

Selina, taking some liberties to her future, would run a place whose menu shifts daily. She'd round up grand mothers to cook ethnic foods they specialize in. The food would always be amazing and the whole thing is a money laundering front.
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Emcee would run a sort of German-influenced tapas bar. He prefers finger foods and hors d'oeuvres himself, so he'd offer things like plates of different cheeses and sausages with lots of dipping sauces. Basically every kind of German food, but bite-sized. And of course there'd be wine and beer.

Pam is just looking at me funny. Okay, fine, she'll manage a restaurant, but she'll hire humans to take care of the menu. It will probably be Southern food, and maybe the place will have a house of voodoo vibe to attract tourists.

Floki will have a seaside shack selling fresh seafood on the seashore. Like literally, a shack with a walk-up window, and you get your fried fish on a paper plate.

Cassidy would run an all-you-can eat buffet of every American junk food/fast food possible and it would be terrible.
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I kind of want the Guy Ferrari show to stop by Cassidy's place, just to watch it...
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Hmm! Good question! I'm not sure if Baze would run one, but if he had to, he'd offer simple, crockpot meals--like stews and chillis and curries--as well as rice balls. He'd probably offer his beers and moonshine as well. He'd rope Chirrut in to help--maybe on dish duty?--and call the place something to do with The Guardians.

The restaurant would be as neat as a pin, but also homey, with earthenware cups and plates and a fireplace.
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I doubt Amascut would run a restaurant even as a cover. Even bartending is painful, though she can manage a happy hour or two once in a great while. She's fine setting up a stall to make and sell "magic" potions but that's about it. She doesn't serve. Others serve her.

Fairy Fixit's restaurant would have a very strange cuisine and ambiance because it would be very Zanarian. The food would be technically vegan, but very calorie-rich. Lots of supersweet fruit and vegetables, lots of bread, and mushrooms of various kinds and prepared in very interesting ways. Of course, though, she wouldn't be the person cooking. She would delegate that to someone who knows to cook better than her. As for the ambiance, stone and wood would be a major theme, with blue lighting. And fairy lights, of course.
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Cassian's restaurant would serve Festian/Mexican food, it would be the kind of place that's a complete local place, you either know about it or you don't. There's take out, the hours are odd but the food is spicy and warming and cheap. Everyone raves about the hot chocolate. Inside its covered with memories; pictures from his home, friends, people like to leave pictures and other things in it so you walk in and know there's a community here. Its also used as an organization point for community groups that need it ranging from kids needing a place to do homework to activists. I think you gave me a plot bunny.

Demeter's would be a bakery that has a focus on baked goods inspired by gardens and orchards as well as a constant rotating special inspired by her travels.

Tumnus would run a charming little tea shop that serves scones, crumpets, think Great British Bake off goodies with little signs saying which ones the kings and queens liked best.

I'm not sure about the others, these three are my ones that truly cook the most.