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AU week is coming

After the great success of AU week last year, I have got mod approval to run it again this year, just the way it was, but with the option, of course, of people or whole canons going for different AUs than the last time.
The plot will run from the first August weekend onwards, that is, from 5th to 12th of August, Friday to Friday just like last year.

What is AU week, you ask if you have come to Milliways as a new mun since last July? Well, for one week, our charries get a chance to be an Alternative Universe version of themselves -- either collectively as a canon group, or individually. Examples: the entire "Vikings" contingent were bikers, Hannibal Lecter was a vampire from the world of She Who Must Not Be Named, the Amis de l' ABC were from a Daemon AU, Rae Seddon was still Raven Blaise, having been raised by the magic-handling upper-class other half of her family, and Javert and Valjean were from that amazing modern AU of Write's that she is posting on AO3.

Of course, everybody can either pick up where they left off, or invent an entire new AU, or remain themselves.

A longer explanation from last year, plus a lot of answered questions, is on this old post; if you have any more questions or want to throw ideas around, don't hesitate to ask me here, or on AIM, where I am sootymun. We still have a month until it starts -- that will hopefully give everybody enough time to think of something awesome.

I hope it will be as much fun for everybody as last year!
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Yay! I think I've already got a couple of idea for Selina Kyle and Hank McCoy. = ]

BTW, your first link has a typo. Seems like a space before the "http"?
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OMG will we be getting "Abominable Bride" Sherlock and Moriarty??

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Yes, I think so :D.
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Yes yes yes! :DDD
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Damnit, now I want to watch it again. And not just for the massive homoeroticism.
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Headvoices are evil assholes that steal your life. The worse kind of illness.

Jim: *grins like a shark*
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This is me not enabling you because pretty much every character on Sherlock is pretty damn awesome.

I mean what?
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Especially not 19th century Mrs. Hudson. She is totally not allowed to move in. Luckily, it's the tenth. This will pass until next month.-