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Tuesday DE: Regret

 What is the subjectivity worst thing your characters did in their lives, and how much do they regret it?
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Ahsoka's would be leading a squadron of clones to their deaths above Rylloth. She pretty much did this out of pride or certainty that she knew better than Republic commanders and Anakin. She very much regrets it and it haunts her command decisions for then on. (I suspect she thought Anakin was being protective when he told her to back off the attack run.)

Sabine...(jazz hands) Spoilers for season 03 (/jazz hands) so I'm not going to spell it out. It was worse than anything I had thought of, though. She regrets it very much and ends up in exile because she tried to fix it.

Hank's was not just breaking, but crashing Raven's heart in First Class. Canon doesn't show him regretting it, although karma gives him the back hand in making him furry. Milli-canon, he definitely regrets it and tries to make it up to her. I should touch on this with his current sabbatical from the school.

Sam...I honestly can't think of anything. Maybe flipping a guy over the rail of an overpass to most likely fall to his death? The guy was a terrorist actively trying to kill him, Natasha, and Steve, and doing so by firing around civilians, so I don't consider it a horrible thing. He regrets nothing.

Touji...beating Harutora senseless before canon? Touji deeply regrets what happened and has fought to prevent the like from ever happening again.

Izana...I can't think of anything to be honest.

Chance...maybe setting an alien species free into her native environment? She ends up adopting the dragon, keeping and caring for it at her home though. She has a dragon friend now and no regrets.

Selina pushes a guy out a window to his death. The guy had tried to kill Bruce before and threatened to do it again, but wasn't actually a threat at the time...well much of a threat. Bruce wasn't pleased and Alfred was very not pleased. Despite Alfred slatting her, she has no regrets.

Danny....running away from his duty as protector of K'un Lun. At this point, he has no regrets.
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