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I am up and being functional, so I feel like doing another weekend entertainment.

Taking from the suggestion box, and provided by [personal profile] exiled_heir_of_the_eighth :

What would your pup/pups' favorite film be?

And I'll add, if you can't think of a specific film, what genres or directors might they like?
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Bodhi would love movies about cooking - Ratatouille, Chocolat, The Hundred-Foot Journey. I think for some reason he would also dig Westerns.

Jay's a bit of a nerd. Not that he'd ever let on. The original trilogy of Star Wars is his favourite ever. Indiana Jones, except for Crystal Skull. He refuses to acknowledge that ever happened.

Sinric would love movies about travelling, especially those films that show a culture from an outsider's point of view. Last Samurai, Silence, Dances with Wolves, Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.