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Thursday DE

Today's DE comes from a suggestion by [personal profile] i_am_your_host--thank you!

What would your pups would think of their own canon and how would they deal with canon-puncturing if they haven't been punctured already?
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Swamp Thing would probably object to the mess that his canon has become over the years. Or is that me objecting to the inconsistent portrayal of the character and the messy, messy history? (That Batman story from last month did not happen.) I think he would take being canon punctured in stride, seeing as there is a multiverse and as words and ideas have lives of their own.

Poirot would most likely love most of the TV series. He would be fine with the books narrated by Hastings. And he would probably prefer Ariadne Oliver's prose to that of Agatha Christie. I think he would regard canon-puncturing as merely Hastings's memoirs.

Cyborg would be relieved that there is an accurate version of his life in the form of the old Teen Titans cartoon, since the current one gets everything wrong! And he would be really confused by the idea that he's fictional.