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Monday DE: Flash Fic, AU edition

I'm back, y'all. Last week was soooo long and the move isn't done. Ugg.

Anyway, let's do some fic! Comment with pups you'd like to write for, we'll then comment back with prompts from which you'll write a short fic. And since AU week is sometime in the near future, how about the fic is a preview of the world you might be thinking of playing from? 
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Sabine-staring them down
Sam-running in the rain

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I'll throw in:

Ysalwen Surana
Grand Admiral Thrawn
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X-not your rules
Ysalwen-pull of truth
Thrawn-someone else's agenda
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Coming in hella late, but! If you're so inclined to play around with these, do have at, m'dear. <333

→ X-23: forward, forward; always forward
→ Ysalwen: it's just that we stayed too long in the same old sickly skin
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I've only got three pups, so I'll volunteer all of them.

- Sahaal
- Sevatar
- Artyom

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Sahaal-lining up
Sevatar-choosing the route

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Ooh yes, yay for fic and if you really want a preview of the Leverage AU fic, I'll put it in another comment. I'll do the ones that are loud and I want to get louder.

Cassian Andor
Charles Xavier
Ivan Vorpatril
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Leverage AU preview

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Okay, this scene is set after Eadu and I'm adding more time instead of going directly from Eadu to meeting with rebels, now there's a brief online meeting with Draven. The scene's not finished but I think gives a sense of everyone, we're in Cassian's head at the moment.

He straightened his tie and looked into the mirror, he knew what they had to do. As long as Jyn was heard, there was hope and she was still here. Cassian touched his lips, this morning felt like a dream and one he didn’t want to dare look too closely at. Now was the time to do what he was good at, use data to back up Jyn’s passion and the truth of what they all saw happen to Jedha. He went into the living room and started to set up the computer, he hoped that Eliot was able to get everyone. As he was typing in another password, he smelled coffee and Bodhi set down a mug by him, “You look like you need this.”

He turned with a quick pause, he wouldn’t look away from the disappointment and hatred Bodhi felt. When he met Bodhi’s eyes he found hope and he managed to say, “Thank you.”

Then there was a ping on the laptop and he turned back as Draven’s face appeared. Automatically he sat up straighter and felt Bodhi’s presence behind him, he could hear Chirrut’s quiet steps, Jyn’s louder ones and knew Baze was settled in a chair. He didn’t want this to just be Draven, not now, Organa and Mothma had to hear this.

“Andor, Spencer told me about this meeting you want. It’s not going to happen like this. If you have something worth saying then I’ll get you coordinates to meet,” Draven as always was crisp.

“Yes, sir, there’s confirmation from Erso of what’s been built and information of where to find the plans,” It was more than enough to move on.

“And Erso?”

Behind him he heard Jyn make a small sound and he couldn’t turn away, not from Draven, but a chair creaked as Baze moved beside her. Cassian clenched and unclenched one hand as he answered, “Killed during an unexpected raid that also destroyed the lab.”

Draven gave him a questioning look that he’d learned during his first tour and he gave a minute headshake, he didn’t take this shot, “Bring your confirmation and you’ll be heard.”

“Yes, sir, and could you send me authorization for three refugees from Jedha?” He could at least accomplish that, give Bodhi, Baze and Chirrut a new beginning.

“I’ll see what I can do,” Then Draven was gone and he finally took a sip of coffee, it was strong and spicy.

“Does he always treat you like that?” The softness in Chirrut’s voice surprised him and as he turned he prepared to face more disappointment.

“Like what?” He knew that Draven could be harsh but he was the best at what he did.

“Like a tool that’s lucky to be used,” Chirrut said and Cassian shook his head as he drank some coffee, his phone beeping probably with the coordinates.

“No, of course not. This should be where we’re headed, a secure location where the truth can be heard,” Baze was giving him a considering look and he didn’t want to think about what was behind it, pity or contempt? There was work to do, one more step but that was how it always went.

He pulled up a map to see where they were going and Bodhi sat down on the arm of his arm chair and asked, “How long have you worked for him?”

This wasn’t the conversation he wanted to have and he smelled Jyn’s shampoo as she came over, “Is that an airport?”

“Old base that’s now a rural airport so it can be secured. According to this, they should all be there,” Better question to answer but he didn’t want to not say anything to Bodhi, “I served under him on my first tour.

Re: Leverage AU preview

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Re: Leverage AU preview

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Cassian - Morning Briefing
Charles Xavier - History Exam

Not Fully Awake

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Who we are

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Re: Who we are

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Re: Who we are

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I am sixteen kinds of belated, ninja-ing in on a Tuesday evening, but! If you're so inclined to accept more prompts, please have at this handful for your consideration:

→ Cassian: steady as a metronome
→ Charles: the thing I've wanted most was just never meant to be // a thousand waves, a thousand ghosts // their sorrows follow me
→ Sameth: lines just as deep as the days are long
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A new beat

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Re: A new beat

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Re: A new beat

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Re: A new beat

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Re: A new beat

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Re: A new beat

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Tracing the lines

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Re: Tracing the lines

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Very little capacity today. Falling back on my most reliable, neither of which are actually getting AUs this year. I will list their AUs, but be aware I will fall back on one that makes more sense to me or their canon self if my bandwidth collapses:

Lois Lane (YA teen; feel free to ask for Smallville or pre-nu52 comics)
Tavi (canon; AU where many of the fridged women in his world survive; AU modern Earth thing that is extremely hazy and I am unlikely to actually write)
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Tavi-my line

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Lois in a Weird West, ala Wild Wild West or the like?

How about Tavi in a gunsliger world?

Or for prompts, how about "dining room, fragile" for Lois and "specifically sized" for Tavi.
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And maybe Cassidy. I've never written fic for him yet.
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Emcee-shades of hope
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Emcee: A thin red line.

Cassidy: A fairytale of New York
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So I am hella belated, scooting my caboose over here on a Tuesday evening, but! If you are still accepting prompts, please have at:

→ Emcee: what dreams may come
→ Cassidy: Justin fucking Bieber and/or
→ Cassidy: tastes like chicken
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[personal profile] idontneedluck 2017-07-24 07:30 pm (UTC)(link)
Throwing this boy into the mix. Replies may be slow until this evening.
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A break to heal
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Jedi and Sith.

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Bodhi, Jay, and Sinric.

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Very late, but throwing Ibani into the ring for this.
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Fic prompt-who we show
An AU idea-what if she was from the OT era or some variation on perhaps a western era

Fic prompt - who we show

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Re: Fic prompt - who we show

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Re: Fic prompt - who we show

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