26 May 2017 @ 07:42 am
Welcome everyone to Iron Mun!

Since this is our first day of play, I will spell out the rules. Don't worry, they're easy.

1) You must comment with the characters you wish to play with.
2) You must then go to other player's comments and give them three things with which to do a bit of writing. Things can be objects, themes, colors, literary genres, tropes, or anything else that strikes your meaty little brains.
3) Players then can use those three things, and you must use all three, to write a fic or save them for an EP at a later date.

Contestants may do this as often as they'd like. Okay, everyone got that? Begin!
Eponine Thénardier
As promised, I'm scraping the (mostly largely out of date by now) list of wanted characters down to the canons I play out of and thus am confident about when it comes to who is and isn't in-game.

If you have a wanted character, or want to see a character or canon in Milliways that we do not yet have:

Reply to this post with:

The name of the canon
the names of the characters we already have from that canon
The Name of the Wanted Character

Check the cast list for confirmation as to who is in the game and who isn't.

Also tomorrow I'll be posting a test drive meme - be ready to bring out your news!